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Adeboye warns on rigging

By Sam Eyoboka
UNMOVED by the prediction that Nigeria may disintegrate in five years time, that is, 2015, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, says the nation cannot go under.

The highly-respected man of God, preparing for his church 2010 Holy Ghost Congress, also reiterated his call on Nigerians to turn out en masse for the forthcoming voter-registration and be prepared to defend their votes, adding that Christians would protest any attempt by anybody to rig the elections.

The six-day Holy Ghost Congress, which begins tomorrow at the Redemption Camp on Kilometre 46, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, has as its theme, “All will be well.”

Addressing the management staff of Vanguard Media Limited, publishers of Vanguard Newspapers, who paid him a thank-you visit in his house at the Redemption Camp for gracing their recent Vanguard Media Christian Fellowship end-of-year thanksgiving service, Adeboye assured Nigerians that God cannot allow the nation to disintegrate.

The cleric, who was listed by the Newsweek magazine as one of the 50 most influential individuals in the world, also used the occasion to reiterate that when he had time to read Nigerian newspapers, he made it a point of duty to pick Vanguard first because, according to him, “It is consistent.”

“I want to really thank God for Vanguard Newspapers. I am always very careful about what I say because I know that a lot of people are listening; if nobody else, those who are our members. Since they heard that Vanguard is the first paper I read before I read others, I am sure quite a few people now will be saying there must be something in that newspaper, because they know that there are some newspapers I don’t touch at all, because I have seen them falsify reports,” the General Overseer said.

Continuing, he said: “I have found Vanguard surprisingly consistent in reporting the truth, at least, as much as possible. So, I read Vanguard. It is the first one I pick when I want to read newspapers.  After that, I read two others. I don’t want to mention the others.”

He thereafter appealed for a continuation of the relationship that has been established. “I will gladly want this relationship to continue and if there is anything I can do for Vanguard too, no matter how little, I will be more than willing to do it,” he promised.

Asked to speak God’s mind about the forthcoming elections, he assured that all will be well, adding, “I have already said that before and I will say it again during the Congress because somebody said you cannot complain about something you permit. If we don’t vote and then somebody comes to power because we did not vote, we have no right to complain about the fellow who is in power.

“The question will be where were you when he was being elected? Not only must we register; not only must we vote; we must defend our votes. We must let INEC know, in advance, that, this time around, if anything goes wrong or if the elections are not well handled, we (Christians) will react,” he said, adding, “I know that there are some people outside the Church who will join us to support our reaction.”

On the recent American prediction about a possible disintegration of Nigeria, the pastor said Nigeria cannot disappear because it is founded by God Himself and will, therefore, not allow anything happen to it.

“Nigeria is a country founded by God. I know that one for sure because October 1 is a very special day in the calendar of God. In the Jewish religion from which the Bible took its root, October 1 is when we have the Feast of Trumpets.

The Feast of Trumpets, many scholars believe, is the most likely time—nobody is sure—when Jesus Christ will return. So, there is a very significant importance attached to October 1. Our people, the nationalists who fought for the nation’s independence, didn’t know what they were doing when they selected October 1 as the  day of independence.

There was no earthly reason they should have chosen October 1 but you see nothing happens except God allows it.

“So, God chose that day for Nigeria and that is why I am confident, without any doubt, that this is a country in which God Himself is highly interested and such a country cannot just vanish from the surface of the earth,” he argued.

Speaking earlier, Vanguard Editor, Mr. Mideno Bayagbon, who led the team, thanked the General Overseer of RCCG for the honour he had done to accept to preach during the end-of-year programme. Speaking in the same vein, Assistant General Manager, Brands, Mr. Fred Udueme, promised to establish a stand in the camp where copies of the newspapers will be available for residents.

The team which comprised Bayagbon; Udueme; Circulation Manager, Mr. Temisan Amuka; Corporate Affairs Manager, Mr. Victor Omoregie; coordinator of the Vanguard Media Christian Fellowship, Elder Emmanuel Obuh; Religious Affairs editor, Mr. Sam Eyoboka and Mr. Lamidi Bamidele, presented a painting and copies of Vanguard to Daddy G.O, as Adeboye is fondly called.


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