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ICAN insist all votes must count in 2011 elections

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) has resolved to  partner with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure  that  all votes counts in the forthcoming 2011 elections are free and fair.

To demonstrate its commitment to this, the Institute has set up an election monitoring email
“ While refusing to remain apolitical, passive and continue to complain about public policies, the participants resolved to work with INEC to ensure that the outcomes of the 2011 elections are credible and acceptable as a strategy for minimizing the nation’s political risks and attracting foreign direct investment. A contact email address was provided as follows:’’, the Institute said in a communiqué issued at the end of its annual Accountants conference held in Abuja.

‘’The theme of the conference, “Nigeria at 50: Economic Development and Socio-Political Stability” was chosen to create a veritable platform for participants to critically appraise the achievements or otherwise of the nation in its 50 years of existence as a politically independent country’,’ the Institute said.

One of the highlight of the conference was the lead paper titled, “Nigeria at 50: Economic Development and Socio-Political Stability-Time for Stock taking” delivered  by Prof. Wole Soyinka, Africa’s first Nobel Laureate in Literature

The Communiqué stated, ‘’ The conference noted with severe disappointment the poor level of development of the nation in spite of the abundance of its human and natural endowments. Although participants agreed that the nation had missed a lot of developmental opportunities in the past, there was great unanimity that Nigeria can and will be great again if it places greater premium on effective leadership and good governance.

As a precondition, the Conference recommended that sovereignty, which rightly belongs to the people, must flow from a free and fair election in which all the votes must count.

In order to guarantee that the people’s franchise forms the basis for choosing political leaders, the Conference pledged, on behalf of the 32,000-strong members of the Institute, to be actively involved in the monitoring of the forthcoming elections.

“The Conference also identified corruption and sharp practices as the bane of the nation’s development efforts. Accordingly, the members urged all professionals and Nigerians in general to seriously revisit our value system as a framework for addressing both the nation’s developmental challenges and the current crisis in the financial sector.

Since integrity is neither time nor generation sensitive, they pledged, as chartered accountants, to continue to comply with and defend the revered ethics of the Accountancy Profession with renewed vigor, irrespective of the odds. To reinforce this, the Institute was urged to introduce annual attestation of compliance to the revered ethical code of the Accountancy Profession by chartered accountants.”


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