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CSA: The people talk

By Olufemi – Kayode

This week, I shall be sharing responses to the column. Some asked questions, some made comments, suggestions etc. It is time for the people to talk. Come along with me. However, I tried to answering those I believe needed a reply. Thank you for reading ‘Breaking the Silence on Child Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence.’ Your thoughts are important.
Response1: As a Medical doctor, don’t you have any area to discuss other than child sexual abuse? Or is it true you were sexually abused as a child as is commonly believed?
08082373095, 07-09-10 01.58pm

This column is about breaking the silence on sexual violence as it affects women and children.
Materials that will are featured are sexual violence related be it on prevention, crisis response, care, justice and victim-centered response etc. Yes, it is not needed for you to join the commonly believing people,’ it is a fact that I was a child victim of sexual abuse.

I hope that answers your question. You can join the campaign to make the environment safe for children and play your role in their protection.
Thank you.

Response 2: Can we do more to keep schools free from abuse? Money is made by using the fact that the smallest kids cannot speak – perverts can pay owners and staff.

Perverts believe a small child will not remember abuse. No camera phones should be allowed on the premises. Comprehensive child protection policies must be enforced. Strangers to be challenged by everyone. A national phone for anonymous reporting – better monitoring of the whereabouts of children when not in the classroom. Discuss weekly.
08082040566, 05-09-10 Time 06.14pm

Response 3: Hello Dr. Kayode, I love to read your column each time and am always impressed. I have an article I would love to contribute. How do I go about it please?
07034741010,  05- 09-10, 08.02am

You can send your contributions to this email address:
Response 4: My name is Savior, from Abuja. I want to thank you for finding out time to talk about something most families will never tell their children, even in churches today.

Sex is one thing every family should find time to educate their children because it has really eaten up our system today as young people. God bless you.
08136360505, 14-07-10 Time 3.26pm

Response 5: Dear Princess, I’ve read many publications and thought of opening up to you but I do not know how trustworthy you are. I‘d like to help in the best way I can because I’ve been a victim. R.
………44, – 07-07-10 03.38pm
Dear R. The more the merrier is a saying that is quite appropriate in fighting the menace of child sexual abuse. What more than survivors raising their voices.

I am more than a survivour. I call myself an over-comer and continue in the crusade. You can be that agent of change in your sphere of influence. As for trust, you will have to take chances. Importantly though, in my work confidentiality is the watch word.

More next week. Do send in your contributions, comments by SMS or  email.


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