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Cleric tasks politicians on the fear of God

By Bose Adebayo
Publisher of Our Daily Manna, Pastor Chris Kwaskpovwe has charged Nigerians, especially those vying for elective positions to obey the Word of God by placing the interest of the nation above their personal desires.
Pastor Kwaskpovwe said this will go a long way to place Nigeria on the right track.

Speaking at his church’s monthly anointing service, the cleric said it is high time Nigerians began to turn things around so that God will answer our prayers.

“The time to turn things around is now because we cannot continue to retrogress. That is why I am calling on individuals to take this issue seriously and save the already bad situation of the country,” he said.

Kwaskpovwe charged them to be mindful of the wiles of the Devil, adding “it is not enough to be a prayer champion, what is important is to deal with household enemies so that they don’t hinder your prayers.”

The cleric also urged public office holders to be watchful and ask for the mercy of God at all times, “all the nation needs is the mercy of God. Like the Biblical Joseph, Nigeria needs the mercy of God at this point in time so that things will go well as envisaged. Nigeria will survive all odds regardless of the situation now. God is able to win all battles for us so that the nation will laugh last.”

Pastor Femi Odimayo who travelled from Ireland said of the programme, “I am glad to be here. We are looking forward to a day we shall access this kind of programme in Ireland where I came from. I know our lives will never remain the same and I pray that God will heal our land as he is doing in Nigeria.”


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