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BUTCHERED LADY: Police arrest suspects

By Ifeanyi Okolie
On October, 2010, residents of Abaranje area of  Ikotun in Lagos State, were thrown into mourning following the shocking discovery of the dead body of a middle-aged woman lying in a pool of her blood inside an hotel room.  The victim’s neck was completely slashed and her left and right wrists chopped-off inside room 205 of the hotel.
Information provided by workers at the popular hotel was that the woman had checked into the room with a man who simply identified himself as Raji.

The management and staff of the hotel were thrown into confusion after it was discovered that the said Raji provided very little information about himself. Also staffers of the hotel did not bother to request for any document of identifications, like driver’s license, national identity card or international passport, and his phone number was not collected, before allowing him to check in.

When Policemen from Ikotun Station commenced investigations, they were left in the dark.  Though, some workers at the hotel were interrogated and detained , the case was later transferred to the Homicide Section, State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba, Lagos, for more investigation.

The suspects: from left Saheed, Oladeji and Ayodele.

In spite of the fact that killers of the woman did a professional job by not leaving any traceable finger prints at the scene of crime, Lagos State Police boss, Marvel Akpoyibo still gave detectives involved in the investigation matching orders to fish out perpetrators of the crime.

Investigations by the detectives however paid off few weeks later when they rounded up the suspected perpetrator of the crime and the man that checked into the hotel with the woman, Raji, whose real names are, Olajide Olaka and his accomplice, Ayodele Onojode including a native doctor, Saheed Ajo who contracted the duo  for the job.

Lagos State Police Command spokesman, Frank Mba gave Crime Alert a vivid narration of how the incident happened.   “One of the suspects whose real names are Olajide Olaka, went into the hotel and checked under a fake name, Raji and paid the sum of N2,500.   Later on, he came back with an unidentified woman who is suspected to be a sex worker.

Eventually, he was joined by a colleague identified as Ayodele Onojode.   A chain of events then took place in the room where the suspects had sex with the woman.   After that, they held her,  sliced  her throat, killed her and chopped-off her right and left wrists.

They hid the two chopped-off wrists in a black nylon bag and took it way.   We suspect that they hid the knife used in slicing the woman’s throat under the bed inside the hotel before going to bring her from a nearby brothel.   They agreed to pay her the sum of N4,000 for a night of pleasure.

Further investigations conducted into the matter revealed that these men were actually contracted by a middle-aged man named Saheed Ajo and he offered to pay them N60,000.   When the first suspect checked in, he was with a part payment of N15,000.  It was also discovered that Saheed, the native doctor, was contracted by one Friday  whose other names were yet unknown, but he is currently  at large.

When paraded before Crime Reporters, the suspects narrated how they planned the killing and what it was meant for. They also blamed their action on Saheed, the native doctor,  who they said charmed  them with a drink.
According to one of the suspects, Olajide, “ I have known Saheed for a long time and he is like an elder brother to me.

We stay very close to ourselves and I respect him a lot.    He called me some time last month and said he wanted me to get two human wrists for him.   I was shocked when I heard this and I told him that I can’t do it.   He  persisted that I can, but I declined.  I later told my friend, Ayodele what Saheed told me.  He shuddered and  said we should all go to Saheed that he wanted to hear from the horses mouth.

But when  we met Saheed, he was in the company of one other person, whom he later explained was the man who needed the wrists of a woman. We then told them that we can’t do such a thing and they should get another person.

Saheed’s friend told us that he was ready to pay any amount if only we will provide the wrists. I told him that I don’t need their money.

While we were still talking, Saheed went into his shrine at the  back of the house and came out with a cup filled  with some thing reddish.   He told us that is was  wine that he had wanted to share with us and then gave me the cup.  I drank, because I trusted him and I felt he would not harm me.  I also gave the remaining drink to my friend, Ayo, but Saheed and his friend did not drink.

After I little while,  I became so uncomfortable.  It was like some thing was moving all over my body. Then Saheed asked us how much we needed for the job.  That was how we lost control of our body and were doing their bidding.   I told him that we needed N200,000 and he said it was too much and that  he  normally pays N30,000.

That because we are young and new, he was going to pay us N60, 000.   We accepted and he went into his shrine and brought out  a cow horn tied with some red cloth  and he  asked us to make an oath never to reveal what we have heard.

After that, he gave us N15,000, and Saheed’s friend  took us to Aso-Rock (a popular drinking joint) and pointed at a one of the girls standing outside, I don’t know if he knew her before.   Ayo went for her and I went to get the room.   After a while, I went back  to fetch Ayo and the girl to the room where I had lodged.

Ayo negotiated N4,000 for the night and he made sex with the girl while I watched television.   When she fell asleep, Ayo alerted me and I crawled quietly with a machete and held her mouth firmly.  I then sliced her throat before cutting off her wrists.

We left the room around 4am and delivered the goods (human parts) to Saheed in his Shrine at No. 9,  Olariwaju Street, Ikotun, Lagos.  Few weeks later,  I don’t know how the manager of the hotel identified me. He accosted me and accused me of killing a woman in his hotel. I was confused, but he was with the police and they arrested me. When they took me away, I was filled with guilt and I confessed.  Then they went after others and arrested them but  Saheed’s friend escaped.”.

Ayo who made love to the victim said he felt very bad when they were slicing her throat.  “You know I made love to her.  When we were killing her, I felt very bad.  In fact, I was very sad that a girl I just had fun with, was being killed like that.  However, there was nothing we could do because we were charmed and determined to complete the assignment so that we could get ourselves back to normalcy”.


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