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Blood donation beneficial to donor – Medic

Jos — People who donate blood are actually the beneficiaries of that gesture, Dr. Sunday Bolorunduro, the North-Central Zonal Coordinator of the National Blood Transfusion Service, has said.

Bolorunduro told the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, in Jos on Monday that blood donation had “many health benefits”.

“Whether an individual donates blood or not, billions of blood cells are formed every day, the same number is destroyed within 120 days, so it is much better to donate than leave the blood to be naturally destroyed.

“Once you donate blood, the blood in your system regenerates at a very rapid rate and that makes the individual more athletic, the oxygen-carrying capacity also improves which makes the donor look younger.

“Your white blood cells also become more effective because the blood in your system becomes new and fresh and this reduces the cause of illness.

“Blood also takes in all the toxin radicals, but once you donate, your system is devoid of such toxin radicals making the individual less prone to cancers,” he said.

The Blood Transfusion Coordinator, however, explained that the implications for not donating blood are adverse in people who have very high viscosity as such people generate more blood than they actually need.

“This makes the blood very thick and its flow becomes altered, if the blood is not removed or donated, this might lead to a major health challenge,” he explained.

He advised that it was only safe to donate as such would serve as an insurance.

“Again, one can never tell when he will need blood because such situations cannot be predetermined. So we need to inculcate the habit of donating blood before emergency situations arises.

He also debunked the notion that blood donation was meant for the poor alone.

“It is meant for every one, many great men such as the late former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, owed their lives to blood donors who voluntarily donated their blood to blood banks to help save lives,” he said.

Bolorunduro also dismissed the myth that only males could donate blood.

“Females can donate blood too. In fact, they can donate blood thrice a year, while males could donate four times in a year,” he said. (NAN)


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