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2011: Why should Orji be afraid of Akomas?

SINCE  his impeachment as deputy governor of Abia State and subsequent travails in the hand of security agents over his alleged link with the spate of kidnapping that had rocked the state in recent times before the military intervention, I have been following and watching the utterances and actions of Comrade Chris Akomas and cohorts, especially as they have attributed every of their ordeals to his former boss, Governor Theodore Orji of Abia.

The most annoying aspect of their antics was their boast and allegation that Orji is witchhunting Akomas because he (Orji) is afraid of him ahead of next year’s governorship election in the state. This single allegation exposed the puerility and poor mentality of Akomas and his defeated hawks in understanding the current political calculation in the state that is glaring and is in Orji’s favour.

Has Akomas forgotten that having been duly impeached that he is not qualified to run for any election under the law or did he think that the people of Abia South senatorial zone will risk their collective political future by supporting him against Orji in 2011, whereas Orji has struck a deal with them and given assurance on how power will be acceded to them after his second term in 2015?

The people of Ukwa/Ngwa know that the deal with Orji is the best option for them as such will ensure that they will taste political power soon because any change in the current political equation in the state will push them back. Besides what was Akomas’s political value or pedigree before he was picked as deputy governor in 2007 even in his council area or ward?

It seems that Akomas and his cohorts have forgotten that we are in a new and liberated Abia, not Abia of the past years where people’s collective wealth were cornered by a cabal and dynasty of no consequence in the society.

Why would Orji be afraid of Akomas, whereas there are other aspirants for the office of governor on other political platforms? If it was true as alleged by Akomas and his cohorts that Orji is after him because of next year’s election, why is it that Orji is not after other aspirants like Ikechi Emenike, Regan Ufomba,  Stanley Ohajuruka or Ike Ikonne and others?

These aspirants have their billboards and campaign offices in the state and are organising their activities unhindered. One cannot point at any billboard bearing Akomas’s name or party in the state. The question is if Akomas believes he has what it takes to defeat Orji in his own world of fantasy in next year’s election, what is stopping him from coming out with campaign posters and billboards.

It appears that Akoma is like a drowning man looking for whom to go under with. But he has made a great mistake by going for the wrong person in the name Governor T.A Orji, a man who do not believe or subscribe to “do or die” politics, but politics of unfettered freedom, ideas and superior arguments.

Orji has demonstrated through the military  intervention in Aba by allowing them to do their job and making all logistics available to them, while refraining from intervening in their work in any way.

If Orji had believed in political witch hunting like his predecessor, he would have used this opportunity to go after his known enemies in the state. As the security agents continue their clampdown on the kidnappers and their accomplices in the State, Orji has made it clear that nobody should be spared, no matter how highly placed in the society.

That epitomises his commitment and sincerity in dealing with the menace once and for all.

Those allegedly linked with kidnapping in the state should face the wrath of the law and prove their innocence and stop the resort to  cheap blackmail to attract undue sympathy.

This is because their antics of leaving the facts and truth to engage in naming-calling, propaganda and blackmail all in a bid to pull others down , instead of facing the music for their alleged complicity in the saga will not help them at all, because the truth must prevail, no matter how long it is delayed.

Theirs is like  a case of someone infected with HIV virus, who instead accepting his or her fate, starts looking for whom to infect with the disease. That is the height of wickedness and mischievousness.

For now, there is no hiding place for evil men in Abia State, because the people have decided and spoken and God has decreed that the State is liberated and freed from the clutches of an evil cabal.

For this cabal, the prevailing peace and political alignments going on in the state, all in favour of Orji is a sign of what will befall them next year when the people will vote for Orji en masse to shame his enemies.

It is evidenced that the structures on ground in the State today favour Orji for re-election for second term. Apart from power of incumbency coupled with the dismantle of the mamacracy dynasty, Orji’s strong political opponents before now, have embraced him and joined hands with him to fight their common enemies and move the State forward for posterity.

In further demonstration of their avowed commitment and sincerity, all of them have given up their governorship ambitions to clear road for Orji to coast home in victory next year.

That is unprecedented development in the State politics since 1999 courtesy of Orji’s political savvy. It is clear that there is no reason for Orji to lose sleep over Akomas on next year governorship election in the state, because every calculation and situation on ground favours him.

Mr Alfred Ugboamadi, a minister of the gospel,  writes from London.


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