By Fidel Agu
The first Leadership Reality Television Show in Nigeria, tagged the Heir Apparent has made its debut.
Being organized by the National Orientation Agency, the programme was a product of an extensive research embarked upon by the Agency across Nigeria where a steady deterioration in the constructive engagement of youths in the country’s crucial development goals was identified.

There has been unemployment, lack of entrepreneurship and a general apathy to partisan politics and indeed governance occasioned by the absence of positive leadership role models.

Heir Apparent therefore is a positive response of the National Orientation Agency in strategic partnership with Immersion Marketing Strategies (IMS) Limited to address these challenges.

The Reality Show contestants

The programme seeks to cultivate a distinct crop of national leadership with a world class stature – a leadership that is visionary, credible, responsive, dynamic, patriotic and epitomizes the distilled Nigeria Core Brand Values.

Everyone talks about leadership failures, and that brings to the fore the need to creatively and consciously tackle the problem at the level of constructive engagement of Nigerian youths. Heir Apparent is a conceptualized energizer whose attributes will challenge our sensibilities and could ultimately be held up as a model to young adult Nigerians who are potential national leaders in different spheres of our society.

The Heir Apparent show will create young leaders who are honest, dedicated, selfless, passionate, focused and purposeful.

At a time like this when we are at the threshold of another general elections to select leaders to pilot the affairs of our nation at various levels, this programme is strategically designed and timed to remind our youths, who are leaders of tomorrow of this important position they occupy in the nation’s present and future.

They need to be conscientized on the need to shun violence, intolerance, corrupt practices, electoral malpractices and other vices which are not synonymous with purposeful leadership. They need to understand that the era of being used by politicians as cannon fodders for political unrest and pecuniary gains are now over.

Already, the auditions have been held at Local Government and States levels and successful contestants are now in the camp fully participating in the reality show. The programme which was designed for young Nigerian youths between the ages of 18 – 30 years, attracted over 5000 entries.

Participants will live a regimented life in different controlled environments with the sole aim of giving the viewers the opportunity to choose amongst them the most outstanding person with the best leadership quality who will at the end of the day emerge the Heir Apparent.

The programme which will run for 40 days from 9th of October to 17th November, 2010 will also explore the ability of contestants to contest and tolerate each other on individual basis.


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