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The double standards in Edo Central PDP (2)

TO put the record straight, it was  Clifford Akhimiemona Ordia, a senatorial aspirant who emerged as the authentic senatorial candidate that was robbed to pacify Senator Ugbesia, obviously because he (Ugbesia) earlier lost out in his governorship bid.

It was the same cabal that deviously swept under the carpet the only authentic primaries in which Ordia emerged as candidate, having defeated Chief Albert Aigbogun, who finished as runner-up .

Simply put, a teleguided democracy in which Peter is robbed to pay Paul, to speak the least, cannot be called a good democracy, a belief which is fast gathering storm in the area, and which is a sloganeering against Ugbesia’s aspiration.

But from the whirlpool of opposition against the second coming of Ugbesia as senator is a stipulation that his aspiration is not being totally opposed to as long as it is his inalienable right to aspire, in so far as it is devoid of unconstitutional or illegal means, and not by depriving the aspiration others, and Ordia a major contributor to the development of the party, who is again now aspiring.

Additionally, most PDP faithful in the district are angry about the imposition of a man who has been described as a ‘sleeping senator’ or a ‘bench warmer’; who has so far contributed next to nothing to advance the course of his constituents or constituency in the hyper-active business of the Senate.

For the avoidance of doubts, a ThisDay newspaper publication of May 30, 2010 with some other dailies, once rated him as having performed below average in his legislature activities, amongst other senators in the country.

Instead of always being spoon-fed and riding on Chief Anenih’s back to the detriment of more qualified aspirants, Senator Ugbesia ought to be his own man. Behold, it was through the one-sided benevolence of Chief Anenih that Senator Ugbesia, who is his in-law, became a commissioner, minister and now a senator.

He must not be given such undue privilege this time around.

But for about 26 years to the present, imposition of candidates into elective political offices and other political what-not have been the ugly monster in the politics of Edo Central or Esan people. It has always been counter-productive in the manner that it has dragged the area far backward in the scheme of things in Edo State , as it has become a way of life for most political office holders and party members to toe the same line.

Unfortunately, this has endangered  democracy culture and good governance. Indeed, Esan land is the most hit, with unmitigated erosion and flooding, compared to the  other two secretarial districts in the state.

So backward is Esan land that one of the leading traditional rulers in the senatorial district once complained to the Nigerian public that Esan land, particularly Uromi, a major town in the area, can no longer boast of the needed public infrastructure despite the fact that Uromi and Esan land parade some of the greatest names in Nigeria’s political turf.

Invariably, every keen observer of the bizarre politics in the district must be shocked as to whether this is the same Esan land that has produced great Nigerian politicians and statesmen like Chief Anthony Enahoro, the mover of the motion for Nigeria’s independence and Prof. Ambrose Alli of blessed memory, etc, whose  solid contributions to the development of Esan land, Edo State and Nigeria remain ever legendary?

Most ridiculous and disturbing is the devious plan by the same cabal to utter the original list of delegates to the primaries, in order to achieve their diabolic plan to favour their own aspirants. Now, it is no longer a secret that the same cabal and their agents, are dropping the name of Chief Anenih(the Leader) as having endorsed  their unpopular moves and their favoured candidates.

Already the party chairman of Igueben and the leader of Esan West local government areas, with the State Youth Leader are already acting out the script of Chief Dan Orbih, the State party chairman, by intimidating members that they have the instruction of the National PDP to return the federal lawmakers and their cronies as candidates.

Chief Orbih is also in the process of manipulating the delegates’ list by manipulating the three-man committee saddled with the conduct of the congress at the ward level.

Whereas the Esan PDP faithful think that Chief Anenih is a leader for all and not only for the negligible few who tout themselves as a cabal, it would be wise to urge him to make public a pronouncement to clear the air about the cabal and the burning issues.

Dr. Odion Ejodamen, a political analyst, writes from Benin, Edo State.


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