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Should I sleep with another to get pregnant?

With Florence Amagiya
Our topic for beyond pardon is the case of a woman who has been married for twenty years, she has never been pregnant. She has been everywhere and finally found out that she is not to be blamed. Out of frustration, she is asking if she could sleep with another to get pregnant…

Hear what our Celebrities have to say about this peculiar issue.


Abomination in God’s sight – BOUQUI, Musician
In my opinion, I will speak base on the religion that I practice and the principle, values and virtues it teaches.

God forbid it happens to anybody, but even if you are married to a man for twenty (20) years and you have no issue, there is nothing that will justify you to commit adultery because that is what it is. Adultery is not pardonable, it is a sin. There is no two ways about it- what is good is good and what is bad is bad. Whether it brings positive output or not is not the issue here. The fact is that you have committed a grievous sin against God, your husband and your body which is the temple of God. You cannot rob Peter to pay Paul; it is simply an abomination in the sight of God…

Stella Damasus

Nothing can justify adultery! – STELLA DAMASUS, Actress.
If you are married to someone, automatically you are married. If you cannot have children, then both of you will have to solve the problem together as a family. There are options these days especially in fertility clinics and adoption centre. There is no justification for adultery, whether it is fifty years of marriage.

RoofTop MCs

Children are blessings – ROOFTOP MCs, Musicians
Personally, I believe that if a woman has been married for that long and cannot have children, the best is not for her to start sleeping around in desperation. There is no justification for going out of your matrimonial bed. I think the best that can be done in the situation is for the couple to visit the hospital and find out the cause and solution.

Marriage basically is founded on man and woman coming together and living as one. Children are not reasons for marriage; they are only added blessings. If the couple’s love is not enough to keep them together against all odds. They can adopt children and if the parties involved need their own flesh and blood. Then they can visit a fertility clinic and if it is not solved there. Then they are permitted to go their separate ways.

Hubby’s consent needed – YIBO KOKO, Comedian
This is twenty first (21st) century and so we should speak as though we are really in it. The woman in question will do well to get consent from her husband if the need arises. For God sake, they are married; it is suppose to be for better and for worse. Alternative arrangement can be made if adoption is not good for them. It does not matter who is at fault. Most time is the man’s fault, but he won’t own up because he doesn’t know about it. The husband should be persuaded to see a doctor and get possible solution. When he refuses, then you are free to go your separate ways.

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