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Gusau’s campaign DG demands level playing ground

Director-General of the Aliyu Mohammed Gusau Campaign organisation, AGCO, Senator Ben Obi, has cautioned politicians against surreptitious acts capable of inflicting collateral damages to the nation’s burgeoning democracy.

In a statement, weekend, Senator Obi said:  “talks about ‘special caucus to select delegates and a so-called right of first refusal’ fly in the face of universal undemocratic norms and the mere mention of these concepts is already stretching the rather tenuous fabric of the political space.

“For any electoral process to be credible, there must be a level playing field for all aspirants and the process must not be seen as skewed with an inbuilt bias for anyone.

“Politicians must learn to be sportsman-like and ready to take defeat gallantly and gracious in victory.”
He urged politicians to shun arbitrariness and acts capable of further rubbishing the already untainted image of the country.

Obi said: “It is palpably wrong to influence the electoral process to one’s advantage. An odious spectacle as we saw in the past, where an otherwise electoral contest was reduced into a ‘fight-to-finish’ and the outcome eventually marred, represents a monstrous travesty of justice and an inauspicious abortion of inalienable democratic principleswhich we must never allow to surface again’, Obi noted.

‘The majesty of the democratic spirit lies in the preparedness of all contestants to fight decently and fairly, avoiding desperate actions which will not augur well for the interest of Nigerians. We are all living witnesses to the successful conduct of elections in Ghana, Sierra_Leone and lately Rwanda. Should we be unable to model or approximate these countries in our electoral process, then we can as well take a bow from democratic values”, Obi further remarked

He then appealed to the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party to uphold the highest standard of probity and credibility while also admonishing the Independent National Electoral Commission and the National Assembly to be on the prowl against counter_productive clauses in the electoral act.

The Director General similarly disclosed that the vital nuturing and development of vital institutions of states such as the judiciary, the Police and other security agencies which are underpinning bulwarks of all modern states will form the major plank of an Aliyu Mohammed Gusau presidency.

The repeated failures to have these vital institutions of states have been responsible for our rather tenuous socio_political and economic fabric. And unless these institutions are erected and which must not be beholden to anyone, endless promises about creating an Eldorado and political haven will remain a mere pipedream’ Obi added.


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