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Abuja blasts: FG to charge Okah’s brother, four others

Nigeria’s intelligence agency said Tuesday, that the brother of an ex-militant leader implicated in October 1 Independence celebration bombings, along with four others, would soon be charged over the attacks.

The State Security Service allege Charles Okah, brother of ex-militant leader Henry Okah, was among those behind threats issued on behalf of the MEND militant group under the alias Jomo Gbomo, intelligence agency spokeswoman Marilyn Ogar said.

Henry Okah has been in custody in South Africa, where he lives, since the day after the October 1 blasts that killed at least 12 people and authorities accuse him of playing a key role in the attacks.

“Charles Tombra Okah, one of the known users of the name Jomo Gbomo, and four other suspects would be charged to court accordingly,” said Ogar.

An undated private photo obtained on October 19, 2010 from Oka's family in Johannesburg shows Henry Okah, the former leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta.Source:AFP

“These five suspects will be charged to court because it has been confirmed that they have direct links to the bomb blasts of October 1, 2010.”

Asked when they would be charged, she said “shortly”.

Ogar also provided further details of the investigation, claiming authorities had established that the independence day car bombs had been wired in the oil hub of Port Harcourt.

However, she did not provide details on how the cars would have been transported to the capital Abuja from Port Harcourt, which is a distance of more than 600 kilometres (375 miles)

Ogar said authorities had identified “the individual at whose residence in Port Harcourt the vehicles were wired for detonation and from where they took off for Abuja.”

She said they had also identified the suspect who drove and coordinated the vehicles brought into Abuja and the person who “directly coordinated the bombings with Henry Okah.”

In addition, she said authorities had established who had “confirmed to his accomplice that he had completed the job immediately after the bombings.”

Charles Okah was arrested on Saturday at his Lagos home, security sources and his wife have said.


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