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Should we miss HiTV?

By Lolade Sowoolu

Things are not the same without HiTV. Not with the way Multichoice is handling the ongoing Premiership League whose rights HiTv lost to them. It’s bad enough that our HiTV decoders lie without use right now.

But then should Mnet shortchange us the benefits that we should have for subscribing to DSTV? I’ll explain what I’m going on about.

Fans of the bottom table football teams are presently lamenting the unfairness being showed them by Mnet, as the cable network has sidelined matches played by teams like Newcastle, StockCity, Sunderland, West Ham and the likes.

The clubs don’t receive attention unless when any of them is meeting with either of the big three: Chelsea, Arsenal, or Manchester United. In the last football season when HiTV had transmission rights, HiTV would show the big clubs’ games live and then offer a delayed transmission of matches played by the smaller clubs.

Right now not only fans of the ‘victimised’ clubs are agitated but also other football lovers. We are beginning to wonder if Mnet is deliberately trying to restrict us to watching only the big clubs play or that the cable channel is genuinely out of slots and so cannot accommodate all the games.

If the latter is the case, why not concede partial rights to HiTV or why bid for full transmission rights in the first place? Whatever the case, fans of Stockcity, Sunderland, West Ham and especially Newcastle are complaining. We hope Mnet makes it up to them.


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