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“All I wanna say is God is alive! Jesus is Lord! Believe in him and you shall be very ok! I knew it, I knew I couldn’t be wrong!”; this was Toni’s first reaction to the stream of allegations that indicted her ex-husband’s manager, Dehinde Fajana a.k.a ModeF and absolved her of breaking her own marriage.

Last Saturday was a very dramatic one on Twitter. And with what is brewing, the thriller of this decade may soon be concluded. The 8th day of this month marked the 8th month since the official announcement of ethnic singer 9ice’s separation from his wife. A while before that, the singer had stopped appearing in public wearing his wedding band. Although the couple has remained mute on the cause of their separation, majority of the reports subsequently peddled about the break-up laid the blames at Toni Payne’s doorsteps just before a dalliance with
Ruggedman was played up.

One person never mentioned in the break-up episode was 9ice’s manager, Dehinde Fajana. As a matter of fact it was alleged that Toni Payne had tried to take ModeF’s job at a time all in the bid of ‘taking care of her husband’. The thriller emerging at present however casts ModeF as the culprit.

It began when a London-based Sweetness Adekeye with Twitter handle @sweetness1231 unleashed several allegations against @iammodef (Dehinde Fajana), part of which labelled him as 9ice’s worst enemy as well as being sexually bent. The lady who’s consistently in the last couple of days tweeted allegations against 9ice’s manager of over four years saying that 9ice isn’t a bad person and rather he’s been pushed by his manager to misbehave. She dared @iammodef to respond and tweeted often at Toni Payne some of these allegations saying that she (Sweetness) had sufficient proofs. Some of her tweets are quoted: “WANTED!!! @iamodef DEHINDE FAJANA FOR MOLESTING ND SINGLE HANDLY DESTORYING @real9ice. I kNw yall dnt believe @iammodef is a homosexual! Any homos out there catch Him at da right moment seduce him m u will see, he go oblige”

Toni seemed to have finally found the witness she sought that she tweeted, “Th(a)nk u @sweetness1231 for coming out wit(h) d truth of what u (k)no(w). See, av (I’ve) always known and suspected but dere was no real way 2 prove or say it”. Toni had a prayer to say for her husband’s long time friends who have now become his strangers for reasons caused by their broken marriage. “I pray d day will come w(h)en my brodas Cabasa & @RuggedyBaba will kiss & makeup wit my hubby @real9ice & d real DEVIL @iammodef can ja si konga (fall into a well)!”

We don’t understand exactly what is going on. But it does appear that something big may be brewing.

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