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Over 7,000 Facebook supporters back Jonathan

By Emma AMAIZE, Warri
LESS than 48 hours after President Goodluck Jonathan announced his intention on Wednesday morning to declare for the 2011 Presidential polls, today, in Abuja, more than 7,000 followers on his Facebook site have thrown their weight  behind him, saying God has ordained him and no man can stop him.

As at yesterday afternoon, President Jonathan could boast of 219,600 supporters on his Facebook page and more reactions were pouring in from them as at press time, last night.

The consensus, however, is that the President is humble and should be given the green light by his party and Nigerians to continue in office in 2011.

Some of them did not see the reason why former President Ibrahim Babaginda who annulled the 1993 Presidential election should harbour the thought of ruling Nigeria again, let alone summoning the courage to voice it out, and even going out to solicit votes to that effect.

Reacting to the Jonathan’s reaction, Ali Abdul said, “Mr. President, come 2011, you have declared your intent and we are all happy and behind you,   we the youths.

The old dream while the youth see vision, you are a youth as well, and you will see vision and bring them to pass for your people.”

Aruku Ahmed wrote, “Good day my President, My prayer is that may the Lord Almighty lift you high above your enemies at the incoming 2011 Presidential election, People failed to understand that you are blessed by God, so you are untouchable and unstoppable in these coming 2011 Presidential election, go my President the Lord Almighty is ahead of you, preparing the way for your second stay as the President.

You have been ordained by God Almighty, so be it”.

Oganiru Jonathan who took a swipe at General Babaginda stated, “The declaration of IBB to contest the presidential seat of our country is his constitutional right as a citizen of Nigeria. It is only in the best interest and electoral rights of Nigerians to elect him or see his declaration as an insult to our intelligence after he as a President then,   annulled a free and fair election conducted in this country”.

“The annulment of that election sent many reputable Nigerians to the grave. Families of these departed souls are still nursing the injury and pain caused by this self_acclaimed Evil_genius and Nigeria at large cannot wish away the memories of this painful incident.

Chaos arose in the country and made Easterners and other Nigerians who sojourned in other parts of Nigeria to run home afraid of war.

“IBB government ruined the economy of Nigeria and this nation by then was internationally seen as a home of fraudsters (419) and up to date the evil remarks he gave to this Giant of Africa is very hard to rub off. We are not running campaign on insults or baseless allegations but on truth, facts and steps to revamp the economy, redeem our image and institute maintenance culture of our properties to the betterment of Nigerians”, he asserted.

His words, “The President is coming up with a manifesto which widely covers his plan work for Nigeria. It is important to know that Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is a gift of God to Nigeria”.

On his part, Abiodun Obodo said, “Mr. President, we, Nigerian youths are solidly behind you and I personally with my friends will be there today at the Eagle Square, Abuja to show you our dear support. We are great people of a great nation called Nigeria”.

Angela Ononwu asserted, “Mr. President, I really appreciate your comments, ‘It serves our country no good to shield any corrupt individual’.  Why then should IBB be given a ticket to vie for presidential position in the same country he almost destroyed with his corrupt actions. So where do we go from here? Sir, I think is high time the  INEC starts checking on past records of intending aspirants at list let’s have a clear record of who our intending leaders are”

For Peter Isangedighi, it was words of praise for President Jonathan for “offering your service to this great nation”.

“We are not diviners and so we cannot see the future or even have a slightest insight of tomorrow. But to say the truth, e see a humble spirit in you, and anyone who has ever read the Bible and Koran will know that all the prophets who serve mankind and brought good to the people were humans with humble spirit, because that’s the spirit of service, God bless Nigeria”.

Timothy Obaje said, “Mr President, I wish you all the best. But please, do all you can to stop do or die politicians from recruiting thugs and arming our youths during the coming elections so that people will not flee their homes in the villages as it happened in 2007 for riggers to have free reign in the 2011 elections. Then, I am assuring you of my vote”.


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