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My Kind of NFA , Taribo West

Taribo West stormed into the NIS Hall at the National Stadium, Surulere Lagos like a colossus. His tall frame and overflowing robe clearly stood him out of the crowd.


Former Super Eagles teammate Emmanuel Amuneke was having a media parley and West was one of the guests.  He was still the same West who never hid his feeling over any matter of interest.

Initially, he refused to say a word as regards football in the country. According to him, he just got back into the country and was out of the news. But with little prompting, West opened up: Hear him.

What kind of NFA do you want to see in Nigeria?
My dream NFA is where we, who have been in the game, will come in. It is only in Nigeria you see ex-players being disqualified. Players who have been in the field , shared their blood and have seen it all. It is only in Nigeria that you will see people disqualifying players because of educational background. They say you can not be in the NFA because you are not a learned person. All that is rubbish.

Those things should be written off because if you go to western world it is people who have the experience and practitioners who are allowed to manage the affair of football.

So I think time has come to include people who know the job in the administration of the game. I think the government will listen to us.

This  is the kind of NFA I want. But I am looking forward to the future where  the footballers will come together with one voice and get involved in the running of the game in Nigeria.
Outsourcing of NFA to British

Well the idea may be good especially being that Daniel (Amokachi) has played the game but the problem is that they will not give you the access even if you are competent, that is the major problem we have in this country. The idea is not bad but I think we have to look into some  organizations. Even some of us that have studied the game can as well come into the game and share ideas and enhance every part of football. Doing that I believe we will have a solid structure in our football.

Well, it is all about bad administration. If we have good administration you will see a better team we are not where we are because of bad management. This is why we need people who know the game very well, not people who are just going there for  their self interest. This is why I say we need ex-players in the board.


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