MORE things are wrong with our society  than we are willing to acknowledge. In the race for offices and positions, what matters to our leaders is the opportunity to rein in national resources for their selfish uses.

It is unlikely that anyone of them would be interested in the mortgaging of our future which results from their actions and inactions. Nigeria is turning into a country of too many faked things and people.

The news last week that the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, uncovered an unauthorised National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, orientation camp on Keffi-Akwanga Road, Nasarawa State, will not surprise many.

For many years, people have been awarded certificates of schools they never attended. The NYSC certificate which our laws demand that graduates of a certain age must possess is one of many credentials that are no longer credible.

The root of this decadence is the educational system itself which is suffering mass haemorrhage from the neglect activities of the authorities and parents, who no longer play any meaningful roles in the raising of their wards.

With their children safely in foreign schools or private ones in Nigeria, it is no longer the priority of governments to improve education in Nigeria. Parents too have become too involved in other issues than their children’s minimal attention.

How do the fake NYSC members get authentic discharge certificates? Who issued them certificates from schools? Is it enough to explain that this is the work of a syndicate?

Who does not know a syndicate is at work? The fake camp was located about a kilometre behind a police post. Was the police unaware of the activities there? Would the police not know the orientation camp for the NYSC in Nasarawa State?

Nigeria is in peril, the leaders do not bother. More frightening is that this camp could just be one of many that exist all over the country. There is more to this than dismissing it as a crime ring.

A distortion of our values and systems continues under the dedicated watch of uncaring leaders, who are content to keep their positions and offices.

It is obvious that our future is compromised through corrupt policies that allow people to graduate from schools they never attended. The same corrupt practices see them awarding themselves NYSC certificates as preludes to infecting the system further.

The infiltration of the NYSC is impossible without key officials at its Abuja headquarters being in the racket. They must be found, they must be punished resoundingly.

Examples must be made of those who decide to make a living from crime. There are enough laws to punish them and retrieve what is left of our fractured future.

Pretences to the promised greatness of Nigeria are obvious. The growing instances of impunity, the ceaseless recourse to lawlessness and the state’s posture that grants leeway to criminals are hurting Nigeria .

The security agencies can fish out the organisers of this crime which has national spread as the report indicated that there are zonal co-ordinators recruiting the fake corps members.

If this issue is handled without seriousness, it would spawn a new line of business for criminals, who are committed to wasting our future.


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