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Senate, Reps differ over remuneration for IBB, Buhari, others

By Tordue Salem

ABUJA—The Senate and the House of Representatives have differed on whether former military Heads of State should be listed on the Federal pension roll for ex-leaders.

Earlier in March , the Senate deleted from the Executive Bill all the names of former dictators among  beneficiaries of the remunerations.

But the lower Chamber differed yesterday, when it passed the Bill for an Act to provide remunerations for former presidents with former coup plotters as beneficiaries.

While presenting the bill for third reading and final passage, the lawmakers, led by CID Maduabum (PDP/Nnewi/Anambra) agreed that by virtue of sections 316(2) and 317, it is illegal not to let them benefit.

Other beneficiaries are former Vice Presidents, former Senate Presidents, former Speakers and former Chief Justices of the Federation.
Mr Maduabum argued that the 1999 constitution had, as contrived by the military, “included the clauses in that section to protect themselves”, so there was nothing anybody could do without amending that section.

He cited 316(2) of the constitution to support his argument.

The section reads in part: “Any person who immediately before the date when this section comes into force holds office by virtue of any other Constitution or law in force immediately before the date when this section comes into force shall be deemed to be duly appointed to that office by virtue of this Constitution.”


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