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Folub Eletrik partners LTV on alternative electricity Exhibition

By Daniel ALFRED
As a means of providing a lasting solution to the perennial power failure in the country, Lagos Television (LTV) in conjunction with Folub Eletrik Servz is set to host stakeholders in the power generation sector so as to provide an alternative source of power supply  in  the second edition of  its Power Exhibition.

However, the exhibition which will last for the period of  five days will showcase existing source of alternative energy such as solar, Inverter, UPS, generator and wind power.

This was disclosed  by the Chairman Special Event Committee, LTV, Mr Lawrence Ojo, in a press briefing over the weekend. According to him, “this is to provide a forum to sell, buy and learn more about alternative sources for both commercial and domestic users. In addition, manufacturers, distributors and end users will utilize the unique opportunity in networking for the common goal of proffering solutions to the issue of energy sourcing in all sectors of Nigerian economy.” He said.
He stated that beyond all that, seminars and group discussions would be organised for stakeholders to brainstorm for possible solution to the perennial problem.

“A lot of organisations in the publica and private sector have signified their intention to participate in this years fair. The first edition held last year and recorded immeasurable participation from manufacturers of alternative sources of power all over Nigeria.

The exhibition is to be declared open by the Lagos state honourable commissioner for Science and technology, Dr Kadri Obafemi Hamzat” he said.

“Alternative Power Exhibition was borne out of necessity and proactive move towards the unpredictable power supply to the desirable developing economy of our great country. Power is paramount to the growth and socio-economic development.

However, the epileptic power output in Nigeria has forced many companies to collapse out rightly or relocate to neighbouring countries thereby diminishing the economy”.

“The Lagos Television, LTV, and Folub Electric Servz, in a bid to resolve this perennial problem is organising the Power Exhibition whereby manufacturers can meet at the 5day fair and showcase the alternative source of energy such as Solar, Inverter, UPS, Generator and wind power. Meanwhile, seminar and group discussion would be organised for stakeholders to brainstorm for possible solution to the perennial problem”

“Following the fact that power is very germain in the economy as a life line but unfortunately in Nigeria, that has not been the case.

There is a failure that is known to every body which is also reducing the capital utilization of the organisation especially the manufacturing institute.

Somebody conceptualized the idea and said, “why don’t we bring together stakeholders,” that was what brought about the issue of exhibition on the alternative power sources.

This has been since last year and we are following it up this week. The objective is that we are looking for viable option for the failure of  the power sector that is dead.

The idea is to bring together the stakeholders, the users and the manufacturers. It is also to achieve intellectual interaction and  this has been a discussion that is been included that will go along with the exhibition and also to bring to fore the achievement of those who have been able to develop one product or the other.” Ojo added


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