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2011 election: The unfolding drama in Abia (2)

His argument was that Jim Nwobodo from East has been governor of Old Anambra for four years. He (Onoh) from West was governor for four months before the military took over in 1983, but the people of the North have not tasted power.

That is how the new PDP national chairman, Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo became the first civilian governor of Enugu State in 1992 on the platform of National Republican Convention (NRC), despite that a candidate from the West,  Gbazuagu Nweke Gbazuagu, was in the race, but Onoh refused to support him.

With the return of democracy in 1999, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani from East was supported and after eight years in office, the incumbent governor, Sullivan Chime, from West was supported. Chime knows that after his eight years in office, his successor must surely come from Enugu North. That is the understanding and it has been working for the state.

So in Abia, it should not be different. Kalu from North zone has his eight years; it is pertinent that the incumbent, Orji from Central zone should have his eight years and the people of the South zone will take over in 2015.

It is a common practice and understanding among many states of the federation, unless where there are strong ethnic groups like in Benue where there are more Tivs than Idomas or in Platuea where there are more Christians than Muslims.

This should be food for thought for Akomas and his local and Diaspora supporters. Politics in Nigeria has its peculiarities that must not be overlooked by anybody no matter what anybody can say.

For those who said that they are supporting Akomas, because Orji has failed in the area of security, have they forgotten that Akomas has been part and parcel of the government from the beginning and is still there today?

If truly the government has failed as Akomas and his sponsors are alleging, it means that Akomas has failed also and do not deserve to be supported to contest any election.

Where was Akomas’ magic wand in the last three years of the administration?

What has been his effort in convincing his Ngwa people to expose kidnappers and their sponsors that have been giving them a bad name and making the state ungovernable? Does it bother Akomas and his cohorts that all the kidnapping activities in recent time in the state occurred and are still occuring in his Ngwa axis of the state?

Is he pretending that he doesn’t know the government’s efforts in tackling the problem in the area? Let us not deceive ourselves the problem of kidnapping, especially in South East has become a national embarrassement and problem. It is an issue that all hands must be on deck to solve it.

If such a thing can be instigated to blackmail Orji’s government today in Abia, who knows the next person it can be used to blackmail, including Akomas who is allegedly warming up to challenge his boss. Enough of this subterfuge and scheming of Akomas and alleged backers.

For Ngwa people, they should have understanding with Orji and support him for second term so that by 2015, power would be ceded to them. They should not allow Akomas’ alleged selfish ambition to affect their cordial relationship with Orji’s government.

The recent dissolution of the cabinet by Orji was a right step in the right direction. It is long expected by the people, as most of them were forced on him by a godfather and godmother who had held the state down in the last three years.

It is the beginning of Orji’s assertion of authority to liberate the state from the claws of power mongers who thought that the state is their personal estate.  It is not a new development. It happened in my state Enugu where Governor Sullivan Chime kept his predecessor, Senator Chimaroke Nnamani at bay right from inception of his administration.

The result is clear in the state today. The same in Rivers State between Governor  Chibuike Ameachi and his predecessor, Peter Odili.

The unfolding drama in Abia is what the people have been praying and waiting for because enough is enough. The state needs freedom to see and enjoy democracy dividends. No one should be allowed to hold the state to ransom because the people are greater than any individual, no matter what anybody thinks about himself or herself.

To the people of Abia, it is liberation time and the struggle will not end till the state is liberated. That was why the people recently came out en masse in solidarity with Orji to dump PPA and look for an alternative platform. What is happening is divine and to Orji, it is time to listen to the voice of the people because it is the voice of God.

With people’s solidarity and having learnt his lessons in the past three years, Orji will now be set to take the state to the next level if re-elected in 2011. People of the state believe that it is better to support Orji for second term having liberated himself from the claws of the cabal in the state, than supporting Akomas being propped up by the same cabal that held Orji’s government down for years.

Now is the time for the people of the state, irrespective of party affliation or sentiments, to rally round, pray and support Orji to fight their common enemies of Mamacracy and Soncracy that had bedeviled the state since the inception of democracy.

That is what made Enugu and Rivers states different today. Orji cannot do it alone. He needs the support of Abians more than anything now and it is quite imperative that he is supported. The freedom being fought for is not for him, but for the state in general. Chris Ngige fought for it in Anambra State.

Today, he is not the governor of the state, but he put to an end godfatherism in the state politics and that is what the people are enjoying today.

Abia should not be different. Those who are out of power should look for what to do and stop milking the state treasury dry under the guise of godfatherism. The state is for the people and money accrued to it must be used to better the lots of the people and not selfish and greedy individuals.

Orji should take his time to choose his own cabinet members that will not sabotage his government again. No more imposition or recommendation from godfather and godmother. Abia has had and suffered enough of it.

Mr. Amuadi, a public affairs commentator, writes from Umuahia, Abia State.


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