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Ubani’s F-L-I-C-K-S!

A cold Fifa official as temperature moves to about 0 degrees celsius.

By Tony Ubani, in South Africa

Are you a Nigerian still planning to join the party in South Africa for the World Cup, you would find this information helpful.

Those who came without adequate information on the weather are now shaking like banana leaves in their holes (Yes, holes because  the outrageous bills in accommodation have forced people to stay in holes in the name of houses). The weather here is very unfriendly and the cold is biting really hard like chinchi(bed bugs).

Before now, everybody has been warned that it is cold in South Africa and many of the early birds came thinking they are prepared.

They are paying the price in pharmacies or hospitals. Nigerians seem to be the worst affected. And the reason is that in Nigeria you can hardly prepare against a weather like the one in this rainbow nation.

Where exactly can a Nigerian buy winter dresses in a sweltering, smoking country of ours? The lovely weather in Naija has really made most Nigerians fashion aficionados. It is worse with the womenfolk. At least with three handkerchiefs, a female can make a dress and flaunt her body in our friendly weather.

Christians have been fighting a battle over the dress code of our girls. And just as it offends the sights, there are still many who appreciate the scantily dressed ones.

It is that bad that women find it difficult to bend down or sit on Okada without flashing their decency. I recalled one elderly man who could not hide his contempt at the dressing of a young, alluring lady that initially after being scornful, the man scratched his head, sighed and said “this girl is reminding me things that I have forgotten”. Anyway, fashion would soon drive women into nudity.

That to me would be the best fashion times when my friends(they know themselves) can look unhindered. The truth is that our weather has contributed in no small measure in this fashion madness. Frankly, no woman can dress that way out here in South Africa without becoming a pillar of ice.


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