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Poor publicity, bane of SIM card registration

By Charles Mgbolu
As the sixth month of the year rolls in, operators of mobile telecom services in the country are making efforts at raising the awareness over the need for their subscribers to have their SIM cards properly registered. Industry observers however, who have been following these developments are saying these ‘efforts’ are not enough.

A current text message running from one of these mobile companies after an account enquiry reads “Join the winning team. Register your (network’s name appears here) SIM at the nearest (network name) registration centre” These analysts who have to reacted to Cyberlife’s enquiry are calling this sort of message “Bluff.”

Mr Ladner, an IT analysts says “No one would ever respond seriously to a message like that”. He says these telecom companies are not aggressively campaigning this notification as they ought to be doing. “They are all waiting for the last minute before beginning the usual rush that we always do in this country”.

These observers say the SIM card registration deadline which had been postponed several times last year and then this year may suffer yet another set back if this nonchalant attitude is maintained.

Mrs Sarah Aniacholim, a web specialist reacting to a story that ran on this page last week pointed out that SIM cards cannot just be barred when enough information notification as to it’s regards had not been properly sent out.

She says “These telecom companies are cleverly leaving the job for only the media organisations to do. They must know this should be part of their several advertising campaigns and not just sending out some indiscriminate text message randomly to subscribers”

An online reader of this paper, Mr Adeyemo John  posted “If a SIM would be registered let there be proper enlightenment, purpose and reasons for it or else there would be no success. Remember the number of illiterates we have”

The Sim registration process had been initiated by the NCC last year primarily to tackle crime perpetrated across the country using mostly the GSM handset.


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