By Luka Biniyat
A political group, Middle Belt Dialogue, has said that if the region should support the core North for 2011 presidency, then the president must be a Christian.

The group’s member and former Special Assistant to  ex President Obasanjo on National Assembly Matters on behalf of the group,  Jonathan Asake, said  “The  Middle Belt Dialogue is made up of all the ethnic nationalities of Northern Nigerian  that do not share the culture and believes of the Hausa/Fulani. We are not part of their drive for the kind of power transfer  they are looking for.

Yes! We  believe in power rotation. While the North believes in power shift at the National level, they hate to see power shift within the North. They have dominated all the political positions of the North  and never reflect the fact that there are huge percentage of ethnic  groups, mainly Christians in their states. They are free to canvass for power shift  in 2010, but we are not part of their struggle.

If, indeed they want the Middle Belt Dialogue to join, it would be on the ground that a Christian from a minority tribe of the North should be president.

“We are saying this, because 24 years of  Northern rule, in the hands of Hausa/Fulnai directly or indirectly,  have ruined this country and only improved the lives of these “leaders” who met in Abuja.

“If after 24 years of Northern rule, Nigerian remains one of the most backwards country in the world, then I don’t see how any intelligent person would ask for more.

“ All we want, is leader that would improve our wellbeing. If he comes from the South or North through credible elections, we will support the person. But power shift to the North as an arrangement, the Middle Belt is against it.”


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