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Abiola can beat Argentina for Nigeria

By Robinson Macaulay
Remarkable, isn’t it? We continue to talk about Chief MKO Abiola!Those life principles, which he practiced quite successfully, demand that we remember him. From his many proverbs, which he doled out as the occasion demanded, he affirmed most of these life principles.

That’s just the way it is (sorry Tupac Shakur).

For Abiola, life is a great teacher. Life is constantly revealing and constantly hiding things. As one phenomenon gets highlighted another becomes obscured. As one event takes up space and momentarily dominates our consciousness, others wait their turn. Sometimes, it looks like we could hurry or slow down the process; other times it appears we are helpless.

For Abiola, the smart thing was always to nick traction from the controlling force of every season and transfer the advantage to his pursuits.

Have you been too worried about the preparation of the Super Eagles for the World Cup beginning next week in South Africa ? Did you wish they had a better preparation? Are you afraid those masters of sublime skills would teach our team some bitter lessons?

Have you divested from Super Eagles Plc because you believe what the prophet said? The wise man declared many years ago, if you ran with footmen and they wearied you, how would you cope when you are put beside men mounted on horses?
I believe the prophet. On paper we stand no chance. Serious. Man to man, we fall short. Skill for skill, speed for speed, zeal for zeal, no chance.
If I stopped here, I would have said nothing new, and I probably wasted the time you spent reading this piece but there is more, and it is this thing called life. Its twists and turns often leave us gaping in awe. Life may have chosen to make a twist this season while most of us expect a turn. I see a gathering of forces…

Those expecting Argentina to twist the Eagles and load them with bags of goals might witness a turn because of the spirit of Abiola. It is the spirit that wins despite obvious shortcomings. I suspect that spirit rules in seasons like this. Think briefly of the elements, and the mix:  Abiola, football, World Cup, in Africa .

How can we nick traction from these forces for the Super Eagles? Or can the Eagles themselves access the power in this mix and put their opponents to rout?

On June 12, Abiola achieved the peak of his material accomplishment after rising from abject poverty and lack.
The former Pillar of sports in Africa bested himself when he was voted president overwhelmingly by Nigerians.

The forces that propelled him from obscurity, established him in life and delivered to him the highest office in the land might converge again, this time in South Africa to give the Super Eagles the victory, and I will not be surprised.


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