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RE: Haba! Mr. Thompson Okpoko

By Janet Moses

After reading through Mr. Tony Ogedengbe’s reaction to Mr. Ise-Oluwa Ige’s report, it dawned on me that people like Mr. Ogedengbe reads English upside down and also understand it same way; talking about his anger to this comment by Chief T. J. O. Okpoko SAN OON “I think if there is an occasion to show that we are angry, it is now. I am not saying that we should carry placards. That is for small people. We are not small people.”

I couldn’t lay my hands on his fuss about the above comments, I also wonder how this comment is unenlightened and how it makes Chief Okpoko, SAN, an illiterate that needs basic education.

My conclusion to all this fuss made by Mr. Ogedengbe is that he is untaught, lacks respect and understanding. I urge Mr. Ogedengbe to tender apology to Chief Okpoko, SAN and go back to school for some basic education. Vanguard Newspaper/Law and Human Right Editor should regulate those who writes to it.


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