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My deputy is wasteful, Says Sylva

Governor, Chief Timpre Sylva and his deputy, Peremobowei Ebebi

By Samuel Oyadongha
BAYELSA State Governor, Chief Timpre Sylva has admitted that the relationship between himself and his deputy, Peremobowei Ebebi had not been cordial.
The governor who linked his deputy with the protests in Abuja also said he was one of the architects behind the impeachment plot allegedly being masterminded against him.

Sylva who broke his silence for the first time in an interview in Yenagoa on their apparent cold war said his problem with his deputy was over the way the funds of the state should be used.

Blaming the seeming crisis between them on his refusal to let his deputy the way he (Ebebi) had had a free hand when he was acting governor of the state. He said: “Right from the beginning, he has always felt that to be governor was his birthright, and could not understand that I should be the governor. And the impression he has created out there is as there is no input made from his side.

“His quarrel with me is that I don’t bring money for us to share. The deputy governor is used to a different style. He was used to being in charge when he was acting governor. That transition and shock of adjustment has been affecting him.

As deputy governor, he had the reputation of mismanaging funds. I have been managing him.

“He mobilized people to protest against me. I hear they are planning to come here and the plot is to make Bayelsa ungovernable for a state of emergency to be declared. We all halved our overheads; my overhead is spent by the Government House, but his overhead is personal to him.”


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