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LG boost interior decor with air-conditioner aesthetics

Princewill Ekwujuru
In this age where excellence is a rare commodity, how often do one find himself in a surrounding that simply feels right.? Today, a home should not merely suffice. It should portray a retreat, a personal sanctuary, a place in which to celebrate the objects and ritual of everyday existence.Therefore, how satisfying it is to own one thing that will fulfill your person for excellence.

So, what is your home like.? Is it just another home or a unique place on its own.?
What your home looks like depends on what you make of it. Your home can become a dream place if you want, based on the quality of aesthetics you want to showcase, the colour combination and fixtures.

When in 1823, John .H. Payne composed in his famous opera; Home sweet Home. These lines today still remain popular and relevant just as they were when Payne wrote.
However, right from stone -age, when cave- men nestled in their cave, through the classic era and modern times, mankind have perfected the art of home making and interior decoration into a more sophisticated form, shape and style. Contemporary air- conditioners and interior decoration have gone beyond the concept of arts , but into scientific piecework that considers not only the beauty and decency , but also the comfortability of a cooling system that go into the making of a home.

With modern fixtures and interior decoration , the beauty and ambience of the interior are given utmost consideration with the belief that such beauty comes from within the house, will help soothe, cool and relax the mind of its occupants.

The new Life’s Good (LG) Art cool floor standing air- conditioner with neo plasm purifying mechanics that comes with decorative aesthetics gives home a new ambience.

The purifying system ‘in-built’ in the air-conditioner, the company said, posses the ability to filter air users breathe, as a result of the filtering system imbedded.

Aside aesthetics, the product blends perfectly with its decor and guarantees a clean and fresh environment with an outstanding cooling performance.

The air-conditioner which is equally designed to add to the aesthetics of a massive parlour, gives space for desired air, circulating through its three sided air flow system and its luxurious art cool panel blends.

The company said that the air-conditioner comes in three colours of red, gold, blue and “any colours of your interior.”
Purifying system;

The company went further to say that the Neo plasma air purifying system is equipped with 11 level bio enzyme filter which eliminates dust,and moulds, odours, food smell and cigarette smoke, while destroying bacteria cell walls and decompose its cell -nuclei and kills the virus.

Energy Saving; the air-conditioner cuts down electricity cost by 60 percent compared to ordinary air-conditioner equipped with single compressor.

Anti corrossion: It is coated with gold colour, which is an anti corrossion epoxy treatment to prevent the coil from corrossion, which maintains excellent heat transfer properties of the coil for an extended time


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