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Jonathan and the detractors

WHATEVER it is that has been making our leaders bad leaders should please spare this our cool, calm, unruffled gentleman that is in Aso Rock Villa now. Whatever it is that is in human or spirit form that has been confusing our leaders, please I pray you with all that you hold sacred, I pray you with bent knees, I pray you with drooped head, I bow and tremble in total supplication to spare our President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. This is the first time in the history of our great nation that a gentleman from the oil-producing little town of Otueke in Bayelsa State by divine providence is in Aso Rock.

Please do not make this man a bad leader. Whatever it is that has plagued and totally confused our past leaders, please spare this one.

Almost all our past leaders that have ruled this great country have come out from the villa as villain, feeling so bad and frustrated, because you  gave them all bad advice as either special advisers or ministers, advice that adversely affected all aspects of our lives as a nation.

Please, whatever it is lurking around the Villa, spare this President to receive the best of advice on economic matters, on power and energy, on sports and education, health, information management, foreign and diplomatic matters; please spare him so that he can resuscitate our national shipping line and the Nigeria Airways, our national flag carriers.

Whatever it is, please spare this President for just this one year, spare him so as to enable him concentrate and do this divine assignment that has been placed on his shoulders. Whatever it is that confused our past leaders to make some far-fetched avoidable mistakes that are inapplicable to logical realities, whatever it is please spare this one. In my candid opinion, I do not in all honesty and by my wildest imagination think that any Nigerian leader in his right frame of mind will deliberately run down his country.

Whatever it is that prevented our past leaders from doing what would have enhanced our quality of life by making sure that we have steady electricity and water supply, whatever it is that made our past leaders pussy-footed for us not to cultivate our fertile land to produce food for the teaming population of this great nation and to give us good electoral system.

Please allow our President to fight corruption to a stand still and to take a close look-see to know that every individual, offices, corporate organisations, and factories even the operational offices of PHCN buy and run generators.

Budgets are made annually, allocations are made and of course salaries are paid. But I am yet to see where the extra allocation or extra salaries are paid to purchase, maintain and buy diesel or petrol on regular basis to run the generators to make life worth – while in this country. Where is the extra income coming from to take care of the generators?

That extra is coming from the act of the glorified term called misappropriation, which is the grandson of corruption. Another area you should let the President look at very seriously with the tail of his eyes before darkness deepens into blackness is the sale of these heavy electricity generating equipment like transformers, uprisers, armoured-cables ,etc, in the open market; it is known that these heavy equipment are manufactured specifically for the electricity boards of the country on order.

Because these equipment are sold in the open market the PHCN warehouses are always empty.
This act is the cousin of the grandson of corruption. These equipment are bought by governments through PHCN; they are then installed or kept in the warehouses; then they are systematically removed or vandalized and cleaned up and displayed in the open market for community development associations in collaboration with PHCN to buy back the same equipment for PHCN development installation projects.

Whatever it is, please listen to the cries of million Nigerians and spare this President. Please whatever you are, allow him to look through the Niger Delta amnesty programme successfully and spare him from the agony of failure which will make him a laughing stock to his political enemies. Please whatever you are, how many of our leaders do you want to put down?

You are as proud as the devil and take delight in putting down our leaders. Whatever it is that pushes our leaders down the heavily mined political slippery-slopes, please I beg you to spare this gentleman President, Dr.  Jonathan, so that he can have the fear of God to do and say the right things at the right places and at the right times.

Mr. Obriango, an activist writes from Bayelsa state.


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