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Intercative Whiteboard makes learning easy, by Teledom

By  Nnamdi Ojiego
The advent of computers, GSM phones, and other technological gadgets and apparatus has fast-tracked the development and growth of the country and positioned it to be among the world’s 20 biggest economy in the year 2020.

The technological transformation that has been sweeping across so many sectors of the economy has also touched the educational system. Couple of years back, method of teaching in our learning institutions has dramatically changed. It saw the fast disappearance of the era of blackboard and chalk and the emergence of whiteboard and erasable marker era, which are more ecological and health friendly apparatus.

The advent of computing in the learning environment has also brought about sensitive board called ‘Interactive Clasus Whiteboard’, introduced in the country by one of the foremost ICT companies, Teledom Group International.

The interactive board according to the Senior Engineer, Systems Integration of the company, Engr Asoquo Ulo has made learning easy, interesting and fun. He said the board is interactive in the sense that it responds to every program given to it. “ It gives response to everything done to it You can write new document and save on the board; play videos on the board for students to see.”

Engr Asoquo disclosed that in a computerised learning environment, the board can on its own generate or provide a platform for the lecturer to record his lectures when he would not be in class. “

In this situation, all the lecturer needs to do is to write his notes on the board, put it in a serve and then, the students will just come and play the lecture, listen to it, write down questions to ask the lecturer when he is around. The important thing is that the lecture for that day is not missed.”

Speaking further, the telecoms engineer said the Interactive Clasus Whiteboard has other features such as collaboration mode which allows others to join from their desk especially during conferencing or boardroom meeting; geometric tools like compass, rulers, dividers; and screen recorder-DVD/CD for recording and saving of presentations.


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