May 14, 2010

IBB deserves another chance – Obayendo

By Chioma Gabriel, Deputy Editor

Segun Obayendo is the   Executive Director of Campaign For Better Society, a non governmental organisation at the forefront of campaign for good  family life. The organisation also mobilises for father figures as political leaders and it believes IBB is a symbol of good husband and father.

In this encounter, the  Ondo State- born graduate of Political Science of  Ondo State University Ado Ekiti whose organisation is campaigning for former President Ibrahim Babangida speaks on why IBB is the best material for 2011 presidential election.

What are the objectives of campaign For Better Society?

Basically, we are concerned with the geometric increase in our population whose purchasing power or per capita income is abysmally neglible to what constitutes good standard of living. We are also of the opinion that procreation should have a direct correlation to resources available to a particular family. We are against careless procreation by parents without adequate means of ensuring access to quality education.

How have you been actualizing this campaign?

We are in partnership with some religious organisations and some tertiary institutions. Our logic is that the older generation who have procreated more than their domestic resources, cannot be changed anymore. But incoming youths or the younger generation should be made to realise the deep implication of their action to themselves  and to the entire society.

You publish a magazine called Positive Governance which seems to be about Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida. Why is IBB your major   focus?

Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida is not our focus only, but the focus of all detribalised and genuine democrats on the surface of the globe. He is a typical example of that ideal husband and father that my organisation Campaign For Better Society is crusading.

We believe, if  given the opportunity to govern this country again, he will strengthen the family institution by raising the awareness and enforcing certain principles that uphold the sanctity of humanity.

His candidacy is the most talked about in Nigeria especially as it relates his record while in office, Do you think he stands a good chance?

You have just said he is most talked about and most debated, it means there is something unique and breath taking about him. I am aware of the negative campaign against him especially from South West Nigeria where I come from.

My attitude in all this, is that if after seventeen years we would allow ourselves to be bogged down and buried in the past, it means we are not making progress. I challenge the critics to tell me why subsequent governments after Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida have no astounding records. Perhaps if they have, there will be no need for him to come back.

Are you saying there are no youths  who can rule this country?

On the contrary my friend. Afterall Yakubu Gowon was 32 when he became Head of State. But that is under military system of government. We are saying under democratic setting it is a different ball game entirely. The Military training was a kind of grooming ground for leadership, in contrast to our democracy of 12 years old. There will definitely and naturally come a time when the Youths will take over but presently, it is not feasible.

What are the new ideas do we expect from Ibrahim Babangida?

With the benefit of hindsight the economy, security power and structure of government will receive adequate fortification. I see a new Nigeria in all ramifications being delivered by Ibrahim Babangida. There will be a strategic plan to change the attitude of Nigerians in many ways.

I understand you have just relocated to Nigeria from London. Are you here for just politics?

I come to Nigeria every other month for the past six years preparing both economic and political soft landing for my family. I then hasten the process of relocation recently to be able to concentrate on the IBB campaign.
What message do you have for Nigerians?

My message basically is that Nigerians should listen to the Babangida’s manifestoes and put in perspective his ability to deliver on them. I have no doubt in my mind that the beginning of our journey to eldorado will sufficiently begin with

IBB Presidency. I am privileged to have seen and digested the manifestoes and believe fervently in its potency to builda positive-enduring legacies for Nigeria in the interest of the masses.

Are you saying his manifestoes is different from the People’s Democratic Party’s manifestoes?

The issue is, a leader finds for himself the vision to push through strategic policies and positive change dictated by the macro variables, in the system. There is no political party whose manifesto is against the citizenry. But implementation mechanisms and the courage to prioritise and implement good policies to the latter is what is uppermost here.

Ibrahim Babangida will take the issue of power, security, education as very crucial and not negotiable within one year of his administration.