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I only needed money for admission, laments police officer’s son, arrested for armed robbery

By Ifeanyi Okolie

Femi Feyishayo, a 27-year-old-son of a retired Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), who is currently cooling off at the dreaded cell of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS), Adeniji Adele, Lagos Island, following his alleged involvement in various armed robbery activities, within Ilorin, the Kwara State capital and it environs, has described the fate that befell him as ‘unfortunate’.  The young man who was wearing a remorseful look confessed that he took to robbery due to his inability to afford registrations  fees for his admission into the Kwara state Polytechnic.

The Kwara State -born, robbery suspect also confessed that he has been operating with a two-man gang namely; John Abiodun (23)and Mohammed Akalejaye (21).

The trio were arrested by the police at Kwara State Police Command, which was said to have been on the trail of members of the notorious robbery gang for a long time.

According to police sources, the bandits who were arrested after they had attacked a female student of kwara State Polytechnic in her residence at Akoba-Ilnori, dispossessing her off a huge sum of money, jewelries and a 2003 Honda Accord (End Of Discussion).

Police sources said that the suspects may also be members of a secret cult that operate within the Kwara State Polytechnic.

Femi Feyishayo, while narrating how he ended up at the FSARS said his father, a retired DSP, whom he described as a disciplinarian, had trained him in a God- fearing way, but regretted that it was the devil that led him into this mess:  “Since I graduated from secondary school in 2001, I have been searching for admission into the university and have written several University and Matriculation Examinations without success.  So in 2007, I opted for the polytechnic, having written the admission exams.   I was admitted but problems started when I could not afford the registration fees and I needed money urgently.

The suspects; from right; Femi Feyishayo, John Ab iodun and Mohammed Akalejaye.

Then my friend John who had finished his Ordinary National Diploma (OND) program  but had nothing doing,  came to me with Mohammed and we thought of how we could make quick money for ourselves without going through much stress. John brought the idea of armed robbery and Mohammed supported him.   I don’t know if they had talked over it behind me but I could not hold down the temptation and accepted.

We got our gun from a guy popularly know as Jaji.   He is also a student.  He provided two guns for us and we paid N1,500 for each. We normally returned the weapon to him after every operation. Our targets are always rich residents of Ilorin. We attack them after we might have studied them for some time, and when we are sure that they have much money, we will strike.  We normally snatch their vehicles from them and we sell them off to our buyer who pays N550, 000 for SUV’s and other expensive cars.

“Well, we’ve been successful in most of our operations, but the one that brought us here, was that of a girl who resides at Akoba.  Though she was a student, but she dresses expensively with lots of jewelries and she drives a 2003 model of Honda Accord (End of Discussion).  I sold the idea of robbing her to the gang and they bought it.  We studied her for some time and after a while we decided to move in on her.  That night at about 7 pm, she was the only one at home when we got there and we showed her our weapons and asked her to cooperate with us if she want to stay alive.

We took all the money she had with her, her jewelries and also the key to her car and zoomed off.   John who was the leader of the gang drove the car and we took it to our buyer that same night.  We returned the next day to get our money.   We did party as usual, afer spending lot of money.

Honestly, I had planned to stop the illicit act and return to school with all the money I made after that operation. So, I was very happy it went successfully. But some weeks later, I was sleeping in my house when I heard knocks on my door. I opened to see who it was; there I met the police and the lady we had robbed some days back. I was quizzed by the police from State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID).   There I confessed all I have been doing with the gang and I also provided information that led to the arrest of others;  John Mohammed. And the car recovered.  But what baffles me all this while was how she knew my house.

John, the leader of the gang and Mohammed told Crime Alert in separate interviews that they have paid a lot for their sins and pleaded that  if given a second chance, they will turn a new leaf.. “We were arrested on May 30, 2009.  We were firstly taken to SCID and to the prison at Kwara before they broth us here.   While at the prison,  I and Femi were choristers and we sang at the church. We are changed persons. if we can get a second chance we will never rob again”, he stated.


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