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Governors approval for execution of death row inmates in Nigeria

By Peace Faith

I wish to bring to your notice the decision of our Governors to order the execution of inmates inorder to decongest our prison. This decision is clearly against the fundamental humans rights. It is a fact that Nigeria has a faulty judicial system and poor human rights record.  Most of these inmates have been tortured by the police into making confessional statements.

Also, our High Court Judges do not take  these into account before giving judgements. And going for an appeal is very expensive and complicated for these inmates who are mostly poor Nigerians.

Furthermore,  most of these Governors are so corrupt, they even hire thugs to eliminate oponents before elections.

For example, why is Chief James Ibori, an ex- governor refusing to surrender himself for investigation by the EFCC? Also, why are these governors shielding their  Party Chairman from investigation by ICPC?  Are they above the law?

Please, I am appealing to this commission to prevail on these governors to reverse their decision. At least for the interest of the innocent and poor inmates wrongly convicted. Lets learn from the mistakes of the late General Abacha who wrongly ordered for the execution of the Ogoni leaders.

Also, prison congestion  is caused by inmates awaiting trial. Some of these inmates should be granted bail.and parole should be introduced in Nigeria. Our prison should be expanded for more space.  More correctional facilities should be provided. Torture of suspects by the police should be stopped.   Please, lets be the voice of the innocent and poor Nigerians.


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