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Gara Gombe backpedals on Lulu, cautions agitators

By Kate Obodo
A staunch member of the Stakeholders Forum that masterminded the removal of former Chairman of the Nigeria Football Association, NFA Alhaji Ibrahim Galadima has called on those yearning for the total sweep of the current NFA Board led by Alhaji Sani Lulu Abdullahi to be careful in order not to make the same mistake of 2006.


Alhaji Shuaibu Ahmed Gara Gombe, former chairman of the Gombe State Football Association who made this call said proponents of the Lulu-must-go campaign should ensure that there are capable hands to succeed those they want out of the NFA before clamouring for a total change of the leadership.

“It’s not about calling for the removal of the entire Board that is the issue, there are other things that we can take cognizance of , so that we do not repeat the same mistakes of  2006 when Nigerians clamoured for the removal of Alhaji Ibrahim  Galadima. Then there was no serious people contesting  for that post as at the time we removed him, that is why we in this situation today,” he confessed.

The former Gombe Football club boss who was short-changed by his colleagues in the Stakeholders Forum by not only taking over all positions available on the Board but also conspired to remove him as Gombe State chairman said what was required now was for a meeting to be called to discuss the failure or otherwise of the present Board with the aim of helping them make corrections.

“The issue now is for us to seat down under a dispute assemble so that we look at all the problems surrounding the present administration and then fault them on the running of football and then it is left for them to take correction,” he said.
He said there was a need for proper checks and balances on how to tackle the forthcoming election in order to avoid problems in the near future, adding that there should be a committee where disputes are settled with regards to the election.

“If we want to have an institutional stability and  move  forward, there  is need for everybody to lower his or her  pride whether as stakeholders, administrators, managers and also as players of the game. Secondly, everybody must put aside his or her personal interest and put the interest of the nation in front. Then we will achieve a kind of progress in the way we run football in this country,” he said.

Gombe’s new stand is a departure from his earlier posture when he called for the total overhaul of the NFA Board, stressing that the current head, Sani Lulu hasn’t got what it takes to take football out of the present cesspit it has found itself since the Kogi-born administrator succeeded Alhaji Galadima.


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