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Faoseke out with guide to Nigeria

In his efforts at promoting  Nigeria’s tourism sites and culture, Veteran travel writer and photo_culture journalist, Chief John Olu Faoseke, is re_launching  a book that aims to capture the cultural history and heritage of the country.

The 32 chapters book “Cultural Travel: GUIDE to NIGERIA”, was first published in 1997 as Travellers Guide to Nigeria.
In this latest edition, Faoseke lucidly captured and revealed the attractions of what made people discover Nigeria beyond its politics in the new edition of the book.

The book was formerly titled Traveller’s Guide to Nigeria and was first published in 1997. The world had acclaimed the book as the first ever comprehensive handbook on Nigeria, with global request for its new edition, which is now out.

For Faoseke, the dearth of literature on Nigeria Tourism for tourists whether in Nigeria or about to visit the country, largely explains the motivation for the venture into the project aimed at exposing the tourism potentials of the country to the world.
“My main motivation for writing the book is largely informed by the lack of tourism materials and information on Nigeria, and in fact, or most African countries. Although reading is also a challenge as people do not like to read, but still publishing remains on of the largest means of reaching a wider audience out there. So I chose the print medium because I feel there is void that needs to be filled,” said the veteran writer.

The book which according to Faoseke is already in the books_stands in the country presents the various ethnic and socio_economic setting of Nigeria as a guide to either the first_time visitor or the citizens themselves concerning their knowledge about other cultural societies in the country.

While describing Nigeria as the largest market in the countries of the Black people of the world, the author gives practical information on when to travel to Nigeria by foreign tourists, language of communication, the weather in Nigeria, climate with tips on possible prescription of materials to bring or find in the country.

In his usual introduction of the book as an insight into Africa, the author recounts his call to the UN agencies, the world and African leaders to remedy the lifestyle in Africa if the world is to enjoy peace and love_sharing in the natural common humanity.

He specifically called the attention of the first African_American US President, Barack Hussein Obama, to convince his counterpart world leaders to design foreign policies that are favourable for African development (partnership rather than giving aid) in today’s global cultural and economic interdependence.

The author said, “The essential areas to feel immediate impact in foreign partnership investment in Africa are in the areas of good roads, transportation, shelter, water, (electricity), health and meaningful education; all that form the nucleus of the advocacy for good governance in the Sub_Saharan Africa.”

“Cultural Travel Guide to Nigeria offers you a guide to understanding the soul (customs) of the country and its people. The unique process of traditional wedding existing harmoniously with the celebrations of marriage in the registry, the families’ styles of celebrating holidays and other occasions, are fascinating and thrilling process and events.,” said Faoseke.

Faoseke, a Nigerian erudite author, has to his credit more than six valuable books on the economics of travel and eco_cultural tourism as antidote to African development, and a book on applied photojournalism approach to the Nigerian Civil War (1967–1970), which he painstakingly wrote and published.


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