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Advertising: Nigeria is becoming a key global market , Tim Love

By Princewill Ekwujuru
Mr. Tim Love is the Vice Chairman of Omnicom Group, a Marketing and Communications Services Company, with  network of companies including DDB Worldwide (Lagos). Tim’s vital job is helping Omnicom and its clients be more collaborative and effective at global brand_building. He spoke on the future of advertising in Nigeria, Vanguard was there.

The advertising and branding industry in Nigeria is quickly evolving into a more complex industry,  as a result of the infusion of digital platforms, influence of increasingly savvy and empowered consumers, population explosion and other factors.

Global organisations have taken note of this phenomenon and are taking a deeper look at the opportunities that exist in order to possibly deepen their reach.

Recently, Tim Love, Vice Chairman of Omnicom Group, visited Nigeria, to be precise, was a guest at DDB Lagos, Tim’s visit signifies the importance of brand building within the Nigerian market to the Omnicom Group.

In a chat with him, he reiterated that the Nigerian market is quickly becoming a key player in the Global Market. His words, “The Nigerian economy is poised to be at the forefront on the Global stage.”

Continuing, he said, “Omnicom Group’s involvement in the Nigerian advertising industry is evident in its long_standing affiliation with DDB Lagos. The agency is a key player in the industry. Just like other Omnicom Group’s agencies who are consistently recognized as being among the world’s creative best, It is also one of the most awarded in the country, raking more honours than most.”

When asked whether real opportunities exist in Nigeria and whether the industry can rise and play on the Global stage, Tim said, “With Nigeria’s size, population and culture, it cannot be overlooked by any serious player. You cannot isolate economies like Nigeria and be successful. Nigeria is a market that cannot be ignored. Economies need to connect with such markets.”

“With the wealth of talent that is here, Nigeria has a real chance to be at the forefront of the African advertising and ideas industry. More people are now online than ever before, there is easier access to information with which consumers are now empowered. Creative professionals and brand builders are now challenged and forced to be truly innovative and interesting. It is possible that this will bring a wave of change and evolution to the industry. DDB Lagos is leading the way by being not just a provider of traditional advertising, but also a provider of creative business solutions, he noted

The effects of digital media in the country should not be overestimated. According to Tim, “Anytime there is a major technological advancement in the way human beings communicate with one another, it fundamentally changes the communication industry. The move from print to radio was a huge change. Then TV came and agencies became production houses. The industry looks different from the way it looked in the 1960s through the 90s.

The internet is changing our business. Nigeria’s internet usage is about 16percent, which is low compared to some other countries, but it will change quickly because Nigeria has gotten broadband which opens up things quickly.” He added, “The future is happening faster here, and it is time to move into the future.”


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