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2010 World Cup:Eagles’ Enemy within!

As the World Cup zeroes in, it is clear that the Eagles are in for a tough time with their opponents, Argentina, Greece and Korea Republic. With a large army of 44, Swede’s Lars Lagerback is yet to see the players play together to be able to separate the boys from the men.


There are palpable fears considering that other World Cup teams are fine-tunning their teams, putting finishing touches to tactics, psychological peps etc.

The fear that the dreaded little Argentine and World Footballer, Lionel Messi would run rings on the Eagles is fast fading as many Nigerians realised over the weekend that the greatest enemy of the Eagles could possibly be within. The Nigeria Football Association, NFA, alarmed Nigerians when they bungled the accommodation of the Eagles and had to pay hefty fine of $125, 000 as compensation to Hampshire hotel in South Africa.

Sports Minister, Isa Bio became the hero overnight when he got a new hotel for Eagles.  Before now, Nigerians had been fed with lies by NFA that the hotel was the best and only needed to amend their fencing.

“It is clear that the worst enemy that the Eagles will face in the World Cup will be Nigerians. The NFA always want to place the cart before the horse. It is clear that they have run out of ideas(if they had any). It is a shame. We cannot keep quiet and succumb to their usual blackmail and threat of a FIFA ban. FIFA cannot ban us. They are dependent on Government for funds and Government should have a bigger role to play. Nigerian stakeholders should rise up and resist these NFA before they lead us to doom.

I can see the handwriting on the wall. They are more interested in their elections than the interest of Nigerians. We should rise up and resist them. Frankly, I see these Eagles under Lagerback going all the way”, Barrister Dudu Orumen said.

Former Minister of State, FCT, Chuka Odom could not hold back when he wrote on Vanguard website “I hope this fine would be deducted from the salaries of those who went to South Africa, inspected the hotel and approved it in the first place. Someone has to take responsibility of his short comings. I know that estacode was paid to those officials on such jamborees”.

There were other reactions like “wastage is what we do best”, “All these for a team that will not cross the first hurdle” and even very offensive name-calling.

With the $236,000 stolen from the office of NFA not yet recovered, it is clear that the cup of the Sani Lulu-led FA is full. Sports Minister, Bio said that those found culpable in the theft of the money would be brought to book. “I promise to make it known but we don’t have to distract attention in this World Cup”, Bio said.


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