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We assist companies in building effective marketing concept, Abimbola Okoya

By Yemisi Suleiman
Resourceful, brilliant and graceful are three words that best describe, Ms Abimbola Okoya Managing Director of
AOMS Marketing Solutions Company. With a Masters degree in Marketing, Masters in Corporate and Social Responsibility and Social Governance, and a wealth of experience gathered from working with different multinational companies,  the daughter  of business mogul Chief Razak Okoya has  proven to be a dynamic young woman, with a drive to conquering the marketing world.


AOMS she says is an integrated marketing solutions company that specializes in providing  world class marketing services.  “We assist existing companies in building effective marketing concept that facilitate their organisation.”  To achieve that, the marketing contract has to be in line with the company’s objective and in line with the company’s goal. “So we do a survey we have an understanding of the company’s overall objective, then we  use that to actually fine-tune the marketing objective, so that we can actually achieve their goals.”

The  consultancy she says  also offers  positive result and promotes the company in a healthy way, “what that means is that we  actually multi-task” she explains “because we look at various industry and before we do any business, we do carry out intensive research with our research partners. We have to take a look at the industry before actually diving into it. We also look at clients’ involvement and revitalization. We assist clients in promoting their company as they meet their customer’s needs. When we say client’s involvement, we actually help the organization in a creating brand from the scratch”

For already established business, the company’s revitalization techniques helps brings industries to the fore front by ensuring that they gain recognition and familiarization within their target market;

“I mentioned earlier on that sometimes their brand does need revitalization, that means that, they are still in the market, they need to create awareness. So we can make various recommendations; we can make recommendations like repackaging where they can actually repackage the brand because it is really more expensive to try and promote an existing brand than to create a new brand, because it is very difficult to change people’s opinion about a brand.

What actually stands out AOMS from  other marketing companies?
First of all I think the main thing is that what we have observed is that different organization specialize in different areas so they call themselves PR agencies, some call themselves advertising agencies, which are all different parts of marketing mix.  But what we do as a marketing organization is that we embrace everything and we provide different services, but depending on the need of our clients. So if you come to us and say you want PR, first we have to understand why you want PR and we do a diagnosis and find out if it  is PR you need or you need PR and a combination of things.

Dress sense
I am stylish but simple in my attire,  hairstyles and outlook. I am very corporate, am not fashionable in the social sense but in the corporate sense.

Beauty routine
I don’t really have beauty routine, but I generally try to get my hair trimmed and conditioned regularly and I sometimes visit the spa.

Challenges in business
There are several challenges, but the main test or challenge is in effectively managing the challenges.
With an effective professional and personal support system, the challenges are a lot easier to manage and overcome.


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