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We are not satisfied with Bankole – Reps

Speaker Dimeji Bankole

By Tordue Salem
ABUJA—MEMBERS of the House of Representatives under the auspices of Nigeria First Forum, NFF, yesterday, passed a vote of no confidence on the leadership of Speaker Dimeji Bankole.

The lawmakers also accused Bankole of alleged complicity in the failed power probe conducted in 2008 by the then Godwin Elumelu-led Committee on power.

The Forum which has held about 11 meetings on the “way forward” in the House, spoke with House of Representatives correspondents, through one of its prominent members who sought anonymity “for now,” until issues were clearly put in perspective by the headship of the group.

The member, a former journalist and chairman of the Media Committee in the House, insisted that the group which is clearly pro-Jonathan wanted the present leadership in the House, which they considered not exactly amenable to Goodluck Jonathan’s ambition to become President of the Country to give way.

The lawmaker said: “We want the cogs in the Constitution removed, to pave way for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to perform his duties. We are quite embarrassed that in a way, the standing of the House is far below that of the Senate in the eyes of the public. We are not happy with the way the House has been run.

“We are nowhere near the status of the Senate. On the issue of impeachment, we have not met anywhere to consider overhaul of the leadership. But we are not satisfied with the leadership, and one of our strategies is to force issues on the floor.”

Vanguard gathered that but for the intervention of the NFF, the House leadership would not have passed a motion empowering Jonathan to act as President. It was also learnt that one of the issues on the group’s plate was to reverse the Green Chamber from the precipice.

The lawmaker noted: “One of our strategies is to force issues on the floor, for example if we did not intervene, the House was not ready to make Jonathan the Acting President. Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t tell you a lie, this House was going astray.

“We would start something and we would not complete it. Look at the power probe we started, at a point we shot ourselves in the foot. Look at most of the issues we have investigated, we ended up not concluding them.

“We have decided to take over the agenda of this House, because we don’t want us to be going against what the Nigerian people want. The NFF has been meeting to ensure there is stability in this House. We discovered that the leadership is not forthcoming in the interest of the country.

“This is not just about anybody, it is about the country. We have the NIG in the Senate and we have NFF in the House, which has a broader agenda. But that is not all, there are issues of electoral reforms and constitution review.”


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