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Owunmi rates Glo Premier League average

Former Rangers C.E.O Davidson Owunmi has described the standard of the Globacom Premier League this season as average following the  recent  performance of the Home-based Eagles.

According to him, the standard of the league is improving despite the problems confronting teams as regards payment of players sign-on fees, crowd violence and some other basic things that  have not been right in the sector. He said problems are part of the challenges in the game but hopes that things will change for the better with time.

“I will rate the performance of the league this season average. This can be seen with the good performance of our Home- based Eagles of late. A  problem free world is an illusion. We have our  problems but the league, as far as I am concerned, is going on well.

“It is clear with what is happening with  the Eagles that we have good products in the league. Saying there is no improvement will be a lie, because it is crystal clear  with the performance of our local Eagles.  Having problems like players  sign-on fees, lack of security, administration and so on is part of the challenges and we can not escape it.

They are there and we must face the challenges and see how we will tackle it.Believe me, other clubs in other countries face similar problems. As  advanced and technically developed as the premiership is, there are clubs that are in problem.

Recently  in Egypt the players went on strike for four months because of  lack of payment. So this problem is not only  peculiar to Nigeria alone. But the fact that  it is not peculiar to our country, does not mean we should use these cases not to better our lot.

Some of these things can be tackled when more money is coming into the league, and when you have more money, we need sound administrators.

“One of the problems we have in this country is the problem of leadership.  There is always room for improvement.
Leadership should be based on the person’s track record, character, pedigree and experience on the job. But when the selection is contrary, then we will have  same old story.


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