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INTARA, IAAA collaborate to improve broadcast production

By Princewill Ekwujuru
In order to stimulate originality and creative production work in television and radio, International Network for Television and Radio Advancement (INTARA) and International Academy of Applied Arts (IAAA) said they intend to improve the broadcast medium through e- learning.

Speaking, Mr. Victor Okhai, Director and member of INTARA Executive Committee at a Press briefing said that INTARA plans to improve on production of broadcast production through master classes, seminars and workshops, even as it affiliates with IAAA to offer a wide range of media related courses through the e-learning process.

Okhai noted that many things are lacking in broadcast production these days, he said, “We are concerned about returning the glory of the old days in broadcasting, when there interesting programmes.”

Continuing, he said, “We all still have fond memories of the Village Headmaster, Bassi & company, the Babas Sala comedy series,” he noted.

Mr. Charles Anyiam- Osigwe, President and Founder, IAAA said the academy is finalising affiliation with the African University College of Communication (AUCC), Ghana, so that students of IAAA will follow the AUCC curriculum for Diploma courses.

This arrangement he said, it’s in short term. In long term, “we intend to pursue and finalise accreditation for all the courses the Academy offers by the relevant Nigerian authorities, he assured

“The media industry is multifaceted and it is capable of empowering a significant number of young adults with marketable skills through academic and practical training.

It is of significance to note that the creative industry as it relates to television and radio are dare need of skills like television Executive producers, television producers, associa\te Producers, Television directors, casting Director, Radio script writers, Script Co-ordinator, script Supervisor, location managers, actors/actresses, stunt man and others he said.


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