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Indian ex-CJ urges equity

By Ise-Oluwa Ige

ABUJA—Former Chief Justice of India, Justice P N Bhagwati yesterday advised judges serving at both trial and appellate court benches against giving their judgments only to the rich and the powerful in the society.

The former number one judicial officer in India, now retired, said that judges must dispense justice to serve both the rich and the poor who come as litigants before them.

Justice Bhagwati gave the advice yesterday during a visit on the Attorney-General of the Federation, Mr Mohammed Adoke  in Abuja.

He said “justice must not be for the rich alone but also for the poor and the oppressed. It must give what is due to them. It must not be based on illusion but on reality. And it must go down well with them.”

According to him, “it is the function of the executive to see that the fruits of justice are made available to the people. “But very often, the executive fails in its task. I, however,  always believe that the judiciary must perform its task. It must try to help the people and make life meaningful,” he added.

Bhagwati who is presently in Nigeria had earlier paid a visit on the incumbent Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Aloysius Katsina Alu.

He was chosen by the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, NIALS, as the first inductee of its Hall of Fame for his role in recognizing the justiciability of economic and social rights in so many other jurisdictions globally including Nigeria.


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