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Ige’s son laments insecurity

…regrets father’s killer not arrested yet

By Ola Ajayi

IBADAN—NINE years after the unresolved murder of the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige, his son, Muyiwa Ige has resigned to fate, saying the killers of his father would be caught by the natural law.

Speaking at a guest forum organised by the Oyo State Correspondent Chapel, yesterday, he said it was regrettable the way security was being handled in the country.

Displeased by the lackadaisical way the investigation into the murder of his father was being handled by security agencies, he lamented that the prime suspect in the murder had been let off the hook and now walked as a free man in the street.

He added that if the son of a president was shot and killed, the security agents would do all they can to get the killers, but the Attorney General of a country was killed and nothing was done about it.

With the agility in them while alive, he said both his father and mother would have lived 25 years more on earth if their lives were not cut short by the wicked people.

“Now that I am above 40, I have nothing to be afraid of. After all, I’m now an orphan. What have the killers of my father gained in the last nine years? Those who killed to get power would never get it.

“No matter how long, the law of Karma would catch up with them. We have left everything in the hands of God. God had a hand in his killing that day, if not it would not have been possible for them to get him. Let us allow the natural law to catch up with them. By spilling his blood, what have they gained?

“Ige has come and gone. He has left a wonderful legacy. Why is it that the best ones are the ones they take away? There are lots of idle hands in the country. We have to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Our core values are in the toilet. There is no respect for human lives. The brotherly love is no longer there”, he lamented.

Still speaking on the insecurity in the country, he condemned the way the former Governor of Kano State was killed in a state that he had ruled as governor, noting that when he visited the family of the slain politician, he realized that he did not deserve to die.

He said in a normal society which pays premium to the sanctity of human lives, the former Kano State Governor should have not been killed just like that.

According to him, what killed the ex-governor was actually nothing but the way he was watching helplessly how his younger brother was being attacked by the assailants and he could not do anything.


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