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How far can you go with a nymphomaniac?

By Bridget  Amaragbu

Sex addiction, whether referred to as sexual dependency, nymphomania or compulsive sexual behaviour, can be described as a situation when  an individual is unable to manage his sexual behaviour.  And if this is not properly treated, it can affect a person’s health, job, relationships and other parts of their lives.

According to some experts, high levels of certain chemicals in the brain (neurotransmitters) such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine may be related to compulsive sexual behaviour. These brain chemicals also help to regulate mood. While others are of the opinion that psychological distress which leads to a feeling of isolation and lack of self worth is equally a possible cause.

Can’t marry any woman I can’t  satisfy – Etcetra
First, there has to be a balance for sex drive between both parties, before they can start talking about marriage. I believe that any woman I can’t satisfy sexually as a friend is not good enough for me to marry.

Marriage is no child’s play, therefore, an issue such as sex should be put into serious consideration so that the parties involved do not wake up to demand for separation. Because one party is not satisfied or the other is demanding too much of it. Imagine your spouse telling the world that you can’t satisfy her sexually. Just the thought of it can destroy any man. And I definitely believe that no African man can stand the humiliation of  being a weakling in the aspect of sex.
Again, people should learn to be considerate with their fellow being. I think this can also result as an act of greed. If we’re considerate, we‘ll be able to tolerate each other. Why would you want to destroy your partner in the name of sex, abi na food?

I know a man who’s wife is always screaming and calling on neighbours to come to her rescue almost every night because her husband demands too much sex than her strength can actually take, which I think is out of greed.
Sex is all about satisfaction and no matter how much of it you want to have, try and satisfy your partner. If he or she is not comfortable with the way it is handled, then the purpose for which it is created would have been defeated.

Whether one can really cope with a nymphomaniac is the issue for discussion, especially with the invention of drugs such as Viagra and Levitra which has given men more staying power that may not be good for them. This is because it’s possible for a man who is very forceful and  rough in sex, may  damage his erectile tissue, in that during an erection, very little or zero blood flows into the penis which can also kill cells in the man.
Read on as celebrities shed more light on the issue.

She’ll bore me — Overdose, Musician
First of all, I want you to understand that men easily get bored with anything they can always have at their reach. So, if a man is given too much of sex than he truly wants, then there’s trouble. And when she becomes too demanding, the man loses interest, no matter how much he had wanted her.

Having them for fun can also be a good idea. But I don’t think any woman should allow herself to be kept just as a mistress. If you think you can’t marry her, then let her be. I personally can’t cope with such women. So, I’ll never go for them.

Lack the energy to satisfy her — Mc DannyB, Comedian
I cannot possibly love such a woman. Do you want her to kill me? Any man putting himself in the arms of such a lady is exposing himself to danger, except he’s prepared to make do with whatever comes out of the relationship.

Don’t forget that so much energy is lost in the course of having sex with a normal woman, not to talk of a nymphomaniac. Have you thought about the psychological effect if you’re not able to meet her demands and she goes on to get satisfaction elsewhere? Oh no, I won’t go into any relationship with a nymphomaniac.


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