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Geoidtel restates commitment to quality service

A United States of America based  Geoid Telecommunications LLC operating in Nigeria as Geoid Telecommunications Nigeria Limited has restated its commitment to  competitive pricing and superlative quality of service for the African market.

With its services including of internet service provision making use of the VSAT platform,  Head, Hardware division of Sciocarre (Nig) Ltd,  Mr. Yemi stated that the speed of any ISP was dependent on the package being subscribed to by the end_user, he said that competitive cost, and most importantly quality of service are advantages which subscribers to Geoidtel’s VSAT broadband offering stand to gain.

“The main difference is quality of service, customer centric and cost advantage. Cost is the major difference, because other ISPs in the market bill you from N250, 000 to be conservative and even higher. But with Geoidtel, you can get complete Vsat equipment as low as N130, 000 and with some package even lower which is a major difference.” Adetoye affirmed.
Another variant of competitive pricing which the Sciocarre official chose to harp on was the flexibility of the Geoidtel subscription package. According to him, the offer is yet to be replicated in the Nigerian VSAT market due to its affordability. Speaking further, he noted: “Subscription wise, Geoidtel’s monthly subscription starts from N11,500. For VSAT, that’s like the market lowest, because you don’t get anything like that in the market. Nobody else offers VSAT services that low except in the USA. So basically, with that, I can say confidently that almost anybody will be interested in the package” he commented.

Commenting on quality of service, which is the major complaint of end-users, he described it as a major advantage of subscribing to Geoidtel’s VSAT offering. According to Mr. Adetoye, while other ISPs, offer VSAT broadband services that do not meet the yearnings of customers; he expressed confidence that Geoidtel’s offering would surpass the expectations of resellers and end_users alike.

Making an illustration to buttress his claims, he said: “For instance, I know of schools which were using a different ISP, and a lot of them ended up with no internet because the ISP kept giving them one problem or another. It was just a constant case of calling, telling them, I have this problem today, tomorrow it’s a different problem.

They just had problems and the ISP couldn’t resolve it. But with Geoidtel, all those problems won’t exist” speaking confidently.

“With the equipment they have on ground right now, it looks like they are going far, and with what they are bringing up, they will go even farther”, Yemi added.


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