Reals oonfectionaries Ltd, a subsidiary of Reals Group has concluded moves  to introduce Karigo mints into the market.

The Group’s Managing Director, Mr. Ade Popoola., who muted this to Vanguard, said that Karigo mints will hit the market in few months time, adding that it will be a big bang launch. On how he came about the brand name for Karigo mint, he replied: Karigo is not a gutter language.  The word does not come from “Carry Go” being used by bus conductors.”

He continued: “ When I was in search of a brand name for the product, I sent two names to the trade mark registry, but they turned down the two names, so, I was a little bit worried, I was always thinking that what name can I give this brand that everybody will remember? I wanted a name that is easy to pronounce, easily remembered, and it could be used for advertising campaign. So, one day, I was having my breakfast, and in front of me was Kerry Gold butter.

I soliloquize “Kari Go!”, I now wrote it down: Kerry Gold, “Kari Go. “When I got to the office, I showed it to my colleagues, and they exclaimed: “Oga, the name is good, thereafter , I sent it to the trad mark register, and it was approved.  In branding, you have to consider so many things, you have to define your customer.

Most people living in Ikoyi don’t go out and buy things,   that is why we focus on people on the street.  The bus drivers and motor park boys, motor cycle men, the bus stop people, and market people love that  brand name “Karigo.”  Did you know what Karigo does?, it carry your catarrh go , carry you cough and cold go.

You asked question on competitions, “ When you talk about competition, first, the barrier to entry into the confectionary market is very high, you don’t just enter, if you enter like that you come out quickly.  However, our product is unique compared to other mints in the market, and that is why we are able to sustain our production up to till date.

Out of about ten confectionary companies in the country, Reals Confectionaries Ltd is the only indigenous confectionary company.   The other ones are owned by multinationals, Indians and Lebanese investors.  I must tell you that we since the entry of the brand into the market, Karigo has been a threat to competitors.

We offer by price, by focusing on the price that everybody can afford and you know that in marketing, afford ability is key to product’s acceptance by consumers. So we peg the price of our products at what everyman on the street can buy, and once they can buy it our factory keeps on running.  The price of our products is within the reach of the common man.

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