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ATCON rain clouds: The Oracle speaks

The New ATCON  President is: A Naija ICT Patriot, a highly visionary mind, a master orator, a leader and mentor of leaders, a miraculously humble personality, an ICT Missionary, a highly articulating construct and Knowledge Architect; a Master Reviewer orbiting in ‘parables’ of  Knowledge Cyberspace, an ICT-for-life volunteers, an irredeemable convict, ex-convict and addict of ICT, an IT iconoclast and code warrior for SaS and cloud computing, a cyberspace octopus, a vibrant and tireless worker, an ICT Entrepreneur per excellence – all in one!

It is not always we hear the Oracle speaking, but especially at a time like this, when we are all gaping and searching for answers and wisdom, we have no choice but to consult the Oracle.

As we all know, it is usual that the cloud forms and comes before the rain. But in the spiritual layer of “Oraculous World” (!), the clarity of a special rain comes with embedded cloud – not normally detected or seen by natural/ordinary eye! There lies the virtue of wisdom.

With respect to the forth-coming ATCON election, the Oracle has revealed to us that what we expect is clarity of rain, where the verdict becomes a blessing to Nigeria. The future of Nigeria lies in ICT provided that, credible, dedicated and committed visionary and master implementers are elected to serve on merit at various levels and surpass the legacy established by two core predecessors: The Grand-Master Performer: Engineer Enrest Ndukwe (OFR) and the ICT Indomitable Warrior – Dr. Emmanual Ekunwem.

When Cyberlife finally asked the Oracle to interpreter the above parable and reveal who the next ATCON President will be, he spoke in Latin: “Aigbofa-lai-woke……Ifa kan osi npara!” .

When asked to illuminate on the response, he said: “Don’t look onto Sokoto, what is already in your Shokoto Trouser”!  The next President of ATCON is a parable of Teees and of Oooos and of Eeees already seated in the invisible and embedded cloud of ATCON Leadership in cyberspace. He is and ICT Comet Nigeria has been waiting for and a rare gift indeed for the nation. Welcome him.


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