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Why we Partnered MTN to bring ePresence, Resourcery

By Prince Osuagwu
Resourcery Plc has explained that the desire to see a Nigerian telecom sector rich with new generation services, informed its partnership with MTN to land Cisco’s ground_breaking TelePresence meeting solution into the Nigerian market.

The technology delivers a high_definition, real_time -in person – experience with remote participants thousands of miles apart, with very high_quality audio and video. People appear life_size and can communicate and converse as if they were all in the same room, capturing every body movement and facial expression.

As technical partners, Resourcery and MTN jointly offer this service to customers in three public rooms on hourly basis. The halls are Southern Sun Hotel Lagos, Sheraton Hotel Abuja and Le Meridien Hotel Port Harcourt.

Resourcery says the meeting solution greatly increases productivity and eliminates travel time while accelerating the pace of business by enabling faster decision_making. Busy executives can now recover time spent travelling to and from meetings by channelling all the productive hours spent in travelling to more profitable use.

Typically, a trip to Abuja for a two hour meeting takes all day. With this meeting solution, an executive can hold several meetings in a day with counterparts across various locations without travelling.

In these tough economic times companies are looking for ways to cut operational costs and reduce security risks associated with air and road travel. More serious is the threat to human safety in some parts of the country, with companies spending millions of naira on insurance and protection of their staff. All these costs can be eliminated by adopting this innovative technology.

The MTN ePresence rooms are open to the public for both business and personal meeting including business negotiations, brainstorming sessions, staff meetings,among others.


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