Greedy politicians should stop playing this politics, Dan Musa
Abubakar Dan Musa is a Kaduna-based politician and Speaker of Kaduna House of Assembly and presided over the impeachment of Balarabe Musa as Governor of Kaduna state in the second republic.

“ Greedy politicians are looting this country and that is why they are playing politics with the political situation in the country. Let the greedy politicians leave the country to be in peace so that suffering does not continue.

It’s one story today, another tomorrow. We take two steps forward today and tomorrow, it will be three backwards. The PDP has decreed that Yar’Adua remains President no matter his condition. The PDP governors have decided that too. The PDP controls the National Assembly. Nigeria is in the hands of PDP unfortunately and that must be stopped.

Nigerian politicians take Nigeria for granted and because they don’t pay the price, they do whatever they like without regards for the 150 million Nigerians. They don’t care about security or power but about the general elections of  2011.

That is unfortunate and it baffles me the people take it all without much action.
“Before, it was Yar “Adua’s cabal and now, it is not Yar’Adua’s  cabal but another cabal.

They do all these manipulations without regards for Nigerians but the  truth is that Jonathan under the present situation  cannot comfortably perform the  actions of the President because you cannot be acting President and be Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

It is when you become the President that you can become Commander-in- Chief of the Armed Forces and it won’t surprise you why the army is not taking directives from him.

“The Nigeria people should rise against that. They should not just sit there keeping quiet because, the way things are going, something can snap one day. The Save Nigeria Movement is set to make these cabals to leave Nigeria in peace.

The group should ensure that those looting Nigeria blind should desist from doing so because all this confusion is giving them the opportunity to loot the treasury and that must stop. Nigerians must stop them.

Things can degenerate beyond the present and Nigerians could be caught in the storm caused by these few greedy politicians who seek to enrich themselves without the peoples interest at heart. It is a worrisome development”

Pray for  Jonathan — Sarah Jubril

Mrs Sarah Jubril is a  frontline female politician who aspired for the post of the President under the platform of PDP but lost out in the primaries. She is of a view that Nigeria should continue to pray for her leaders because leadership goes with prayers.

“ Nigeria must keep praying to God concerning her leaders so that at all times, they will take the right decisions .

The way things are going for Jonathan now, it has become a personal matter and he needs wisdom and direction from God to know what steps to take in running the affairs of the nation”.

Lawal  Kaita was a founding member of PDP who later decamped to Action Congress. In this encounter, he opines that Jonathan should concentrate on his job as acting President as he cannot become a substantive President under the present circumstances.

“ Jonathan should not be told what to do because he  knows what to do. He has a support group. The North does not want Vice President now.

The Ag President is still the  substantive Vice President. If we want another Vice President, Umaru has to resign and as long as Yar ‘Adua is still in the picture, Jonathan cannot become  the substantive President and those agitating for this should understand the circumstances and concentrate on the present.

Jonathan should not be distracted or misled . Let him not bother himself about pleasing the North or any ethnic group. We want results in various aspects of national development and I think he should concentrate on power, security and infrastructure.”

The 26 man Committee should guide him—Ibrahim

Isyaku Ibrahim, former Deputy Chairman, Board of Trustees of  PDP says Jonathan has no cause to worry as he has constituted a 26-man advisory Committee to tell him how to steer the ship of the country Nigeria.

“With the constitution of a 26 man committee headed by Theophilus Danjuma, Jonathan should be on the right course. They should be able to advise him on what to do and what not to do and with their strength and experience, I want to believe he would do things right. So, channel your question to TY Danjuma and the rest of them.”

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