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The troubled ANLCA’s Board

By Iyabo James

THE  up coming election of Association of Nigeria Licensed customs Agents (ANLCA) is certain to be mired by controversy; intrigue and subversion. The grounds for this seeming scenario have since been watered long before now by those who  rigged themselves into the BOT and other strategic positions at the  national level.

The clique’s rigging machinery to say the least, was well planned and a carefully executed design to control power at the national level. With the unfolding developments, the fears expressed by well-meaning individuals concerning the unwholesome manner and deft maneuvering by this clique at the BOT are now confirmed without any iota of doubts, whatsoever.

It is interesting to note that many people have known  that the series of anomalies and changing of rules midway into the game were part of a grand design and ulterior motive of the clique at the BOT to fraudulently hijack the necessary instrument for their further electoral victory at the national level.

It is therefore, not surprising to those who already had insight that the arrow head of the clique, inspite of the fact that he is unqualified as a result of his inability to  resign 90 days before obtaining a form and his  subsequent  clearance,   has  been  fraudulently certified fit to stand for the presidential election. This singular act by ASECO obviously, leaves a big question mark on the credibility of the election.

Unfortunately, the inglorious clique in the association’s Board of Trustees failed to reckon with the fact that this arrow head given the 90 days resignation notice time limit as stipulated in ANLCA’s constitution, would be unfit to stand the presidential poll. It  is a statement of fact that as at the time he  ventured into the- presidential race, he was not only a member of Board of Trustees  but, the CRFFN’s Public Relation Officer (PRO).  Also, we should not forget the fact that  he finished the chapter’s ASECO job as its chairman on the 7th of February 2010. Therefore, with ail these  in mind, his clearance to stand for the election is not only morally unjustified, but fraudulent.

The clique, however, must have been aware of this dilemma but were counting on their ability to bend the rules midway to pave way for their ally,  to actualise his dreams. Of course, they had no choice but to support him considering the fact that he played their script perfectly at the various chapter elections. Of a truth, he was able to fix all those who were favourably disposed to their game plan by planting them in strategic positions at various chapters across the nation. Now is therefore, a payback time. He has to be compensated for a job well executed.

There is however, a problem. The arrow head, whether the clique believes it or not is technically and constitutionally not qualified for the election.  Any attempt therefore at trying to change the rules in order to make him fit to contest  would obviously amount to an exercise in futility, as such attempts remain null and void and of no effect whatsoever.

The path of honour therefore, is for him to recognise the futility of his present quest to contest the election,  else  he is certain to waste a great amount of his time and energy seeking to actualise the impossible. What is worrisome however is the continued support he is still enjoying in the hands of the BOT clique, even though they are fully aware of his limitations. And may 1 pose this question. Does the select-few individuals seeking to grab the control of ANLCA at all cost have the singular power to amend the constitution? The implications for this devious attempt at circumventing the rules are, no doubt, without dire consequences.

And as for  the out gone ANCLA national president, alleged to be supporting the arrow head and the clique, we have it on good  record that his reasons for supporting his  presidential ambition is linked to his interest in taking over from Hon. Tony Iju Nwnbunike as the next head of CRFFN. He was supposed to have gone for a second tenure but jettisoned the ambition because he was eyeing the more exalted position; the head of CRFFN. Of course, this is one ploy Hon. Nwabunike should be aware of.

Given his pedigree, his exemplary and purposeful leadership, this is not time for a change of banner at the CRFFN. Tony Iju  should not allow the devious designs of those  with  unwholesome and obnoxious  motive to scuttle the pro-active and result-oriented leadership the council  currently enjoys under Hon.Nwabunike’s pragmatic and charismatic leadership. It is interesting to note that the clique is so much determined, leaving no stones unturned in their .devious schemes to actualise their purpose.

This write-up will be inconclusive if the attention of the ANLCA EOT Chairman, Chief Henry Njoku is not drawn to the hatchet job Obinna Okenie is positioned or drafted to do in the ASECO. How can Obinna, a well known ally of Prince Oiayiwola Shittu be given a supervisory assignment in the ASECO that is conducting Shittu’s elections? His inclusion, apart from being done in bad fate equally speaks volume of a reprehensive lack of concern for the principles of fairplay, respect and morality to the electorate. Obinna and Aare Sanni Shittu should be advised to distance themselves from the electoral management. No more, No less. Enough of their intrigues and abracadabra.

However, the most important jssue in all these, is to ensure that the rules, of the game are strictly followed to the letter. Any dubious attempt to foist an unqualified candidate on ANLCA, will no doubt, create profound problems, the reverberations of which may linger for a very long time to come.

Mrs. James, a commentator on national issues, writes  from Lagos.


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