PRESSURES are mounting on acting President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to act decisively. The latest is from Gen Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma, Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Council.

“Now that you have been invested with the needed authority, the nation expects you to proceed quickly to effect the needed transformation. This is the right time for you to act – now when you can act quickly and aggressively, now when society can be trusted to be as generous as to credit you with your successes and to excuse errors,” Gen Danjuma said at the Council’s inauguration.

“Because the times are extra-ordinary, the measures that need to be taken are not only urgent but extra-ordinary. Unless you take those measures quickly, the goodwill which you now enjoy may be lost.  Fortunately, you have the required courage and vision. What you did not have in the past was the authority.”

Nigerians have gone through harrowing experiences in the hands of non-leadership for decades. As the global environment becomes harsher economically and with the weather, countries are striving to save themselves from possible extinction. Countries with the best living standards are investing most in the survival of their people.

Our own authorities have become unfeeling, uncaring and distant from the people. When they act, they do so only for their survival. It would be interesting to see how more decisiveness and aggressiveness from the acting President would impact on ordinary Nigerians who are groaning from lack of care and the consequences of their country acting for too long on individual interests.

“This is a decisive moment in our history. At such moments, God always ensures that a nation possesses significant personalities who are to act as His agents for change. You, Mr. acting President, are the significant personality that God has chosen at this time to take your place at the front in the struggle to save our country,” Gen Danjuma said.

The point about saving our country should be taken seriously. Maybe if the politicians see the challenges in terms of rescuing a sinking ship, they would act with better cohesion than their intrigues that can still sink this ship.

Nigeria, as a patient, remains in intensive care. Critical decisions, devoid of the narrow interests that got her into this mire, must be taken. The pretenders to patriotism know they are not patriots. Too many self-interests are heaped on the over-burdened vehicle meant to transport our collective national aspirations to realities.

These are truly extra-ordinary times where a huge dose of goodluck would stand our country in good stead as it is steered out of a miasma that those who created it think speaks glowingly of their ingenuity.

Hard work and commitment from all would be required. The goodluck of the Acting President would not be enough to get Nigeria out of this logjam.


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